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Dear Animal Friends,
We have many who follow our various blogs and websites.  I know you all care deeply for the animals that we help.  I sense that many of you would love to adopt or foster one or more of these animals, but cannot.

Now, there is an opportunity where you can sponsor a specific dog.  Your sponsorship will ensure that “your” dog has what he or she needs going forward, the money you provide will ONLY go to the dog(s) you sponsor.  This is a simple and effective way to help a dog who has touched your heart.

You set the amount you can provide each month (per dog).

You specify which dog(s) you want to sponsor.

Upon the initiation of your sponsorship, you will get a certificate attesting to your kindness, animal friendliness and sponsorship of the dog(s) by name(s).

You can even send care packages to your specific dog, with treats or things you believe your sponsoree needs or would like.  Of course, whatever you send will only go to the dog(s) you designate.

Each month, you will recieve a picture (digital) and an update about “your” dog(s).

Write to volunteer ULLA LINDERS and tell her which dog and the amount you would like to sponsor. She will answer you back with all the information, right away



 We are searching after a forever home to Laika, who acctually have been someones pet for 14 years. Don’t let her age scare you,  she is incradable happy and outgoing. Laika has so much yet to offer.

She listens to the name Laika and she was someones pet for 14 years.

One day the family took her to the veterinarian to have her put down for sleep.
This is because Laika is epileptic and also came to have 4 seizures a day.
To their surprise the vet pointed out for them that the medicine they gave her was no longer being used for years, but it was also toxic for the dog.
Medication had to be changed ( Gardenale twice a day ) and immediately no seizures.
Despite this, her family ( an elderly couple ) didn’t want to take care of her.
By the grace of the Lord the vet in question is also the Hospice veterinarian — given his enormous heart. Of course he refused to do the euthanasia of the dog and asked for a small place at the Hospice.
For over a month has Laika been our guest and has NEVER had a seizure .
She is size small (about 8 kg) and despite its age is full of life , playful , cuddly, wagging happy tail .
AWL want to give a happy ending to Laika
A family that wants to take care of her and care for the rest of his life.

Or, you can become her sponsor dog. Help with a donation a month (min 10 euro) it can help the long way for her medicines, or wet can food.

For more information send us an email.

That’s Amore!



                                                   SPONSOR THE BEAUTIFUL LAIKA.

Laika came to our Hospice in December brought by our veterinarian. Her family who is an older couple couldn’t take care of Laikas seizures and wanted her to be put to sleep. Our veterinarian hadn’t the heart to do so since overall she was a healthy and happy dog. Our veterinarian wanted to try to change the medicine. Laika came to our Hospice, polite and lovely and the other Seniors welcomed her right away. With her knew medicine she hasn’t had any seizure in soon to be one month. We are so happy, and Laika is the happiest one.
Please consider a monthly sponsorship of Laika for her medicine and food.
You can start your sponsorship today by contacting Ulla Linders at

We have PAYPAL here on blog, you can sign up for monthly donation. 

That’s Amore!