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New picture of our little tropper. It is a “he”

An American family found a kitten stuck in a hole behind a wall in their parco. It was crying and crying for hours, and they never saw his/hers mother. The hole was at the bottom of a long slope, and the man was afraid it had crawled out of wherever the mom was nesting and rolled down the hill and into the hole. Once he heard it and saw where it was, he couldn’t leave it there.
They took it to a local vet that night (at midnight!), but they had no good advice besides “put it back where you found it.” He did direct them to a pharmacy which sold kitten formula, so at least it’s had some food.
This little Kitten is up for adoption to a loving forever home (no de clawing)

I have been feeding every two hours, but that was too much for him/her. So I we went to every three or four hours and he/she likes that MUCH better. Eats well, sleeps well. VERY active. I can see how it got itself into so much trouble. Yes, I’m definitely feeding him night and day around the clock, and cuddling, too. I feel like a zombie though. No sleep for me, yet. Reminds me of when my daughter was an infant.The kitten’s fur is healthy looking and feeling. It seems to be getting very used to being held and as of midnight last night, it started purring, when I cuddle him to my chest. The purr of a 2-3-week old kitten is cute beyond words! The kitten eats, sleeps, and hollers very healthily. I think it’s even yelling at me sometimes when I wake him/her from a nice nap to feed.Someone is going to be very lucky and get a very cute, very active, very curious, very sweet, and I think very beautiful kitten. 🙂 Kristin