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Cyrus would love to be an only dog, someone’s center of attention! He wants to play with other dogs, but can be dominant and needs to learn social manners.
Towards humans he doesn’t display any resource guarding and is generally submissive, but needs someone who has dog experience to provide the training he needs.
As a working breed, huskies in general are like teenagers; they think they know everything ( you have to persuade them that you know best), they are escape artists but ultimately they just want to be with their pack.
If you are interested in FOSTERING or ADOPTING Cyrus, He is currently in Germany but can be transported. please e-mail



 We are so happy that Kino the Husky is now in his new home together with his American family here in Germany. WE wish him all our best together with mom, dad and cat.

 We were worried that Kino would chase the cat but it showed us how wrong we humans can be in our “narrow mind thinking”.
The cat chased Kino who was terrified. Sorry Kino we cannot help laughing.

Thank you Kino and family for your wonderful donation to our Hospice Casa dell”Amore down in Italy.

That’s Amore!