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It’s one thing to have compassion.
It’s another to put that compassion
to work.

AWL – Compassion through Action

August, Friday the 13th; unlucky for some, indifferent for many, but a most wonderful day for AWL. It was a day of awareness, at a fundraiser in Lago Patria at the Agora Hotel. Over 350 folks came to listen, learn and give generously to help support the AWL mission. By the end of the evening, over 4500 euro was generated, and in Mia’s words ………. “That’s Amore!”

Many came out of curiosity, some were old friends and longtime supporters, and others came to volunteer for future events – our youngest soon-to-be volunteer only 12 years old. Bravo!
AFN came to broadcast, and local businesses sponsored the cause through contributed services and merchandise. An Italian adoption agency came to publicize available dogs. Disney characters walked around collecting money, children had their faces painted, and for the not too shy, a full body massage was available! It was also an opportunity for people to meet and connect with others that share that common compassion – the perfect fuel for motivation!

Not surprisingly, one of the most common questions of the evening was:

“What can we do – the problem is so huge here what difference does it make?”

To those people the first part of the answer is that it’s perfectly human to feel that you cant make a difference – you know, that tiny drop of water in the infinitely large bucket, and oh by the way…… the bucket leaks too. Yup, we have all had that feeling and will again on occasion. Brush it aside and know that whether you donate money or donate food; give your time, or take in a foster; write an article or actively campaign – IT ALL COUNTS! Even if it’s as simple as having a fresh idea, we are always happy to hear it!

The second part of our answer to that question is silent. It lies deep in the eyes of the animals, whose before and after photos were on display. Those are the AWL stories with “furryytail” endings. So the question back to those that asked is:

“Isn’t saving just one animal worth it?”

Here’s to a wonderfully successful and hopefully recurring event. An immeasurable, heartfelt thanks to all, because without supporters there would be no victories.
Now, that’s Amore!

Text; Tammy AWL “un grande” volunteer