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Last week, I got a very important question from a friend.
“Are you becoming more an adoption organisation now? I thought you didn’t want it that way!”

I love this friend, since she dares to ask me honest questions.

It could seem like we are becoming more an adoption organisation, since lately we have helped many dogs finding wonderful homes in Sweden.
AWL will help those dogs that comes in our way, on our path to our next mission/project, a Hospice in Toscany.

We are working and planing behind the curtains on our new Hospice 2017. Nothing can keep me away from that goal, together with some great Animal Friends.
However,  during our planning moments, we cannot stop helping animals that are trapped in cages for years, or found on the streets in bad shapes. Many fantastic families are waiting to open their doors for them. Why not help souls to happiness while planning a bigger cause!

The Hospice is my life, my love, my goal and together we can create a fantastic environment for those poor soles that are trapped forever in cages, that no ones sees. Seniors, that some people doesn’t think have any value. For them to have their own bedroom, a garden to spend relaxing time, and healthy food. But most important, someone that will love them back as much as they love us.

When its time for the animals to leave Mother Earth, to help them cross the bridge to the other side –together with a great veterinarian team.

That’s Amore!



In one way we are very exited for the new journey that AWL is going to take. However it saddens

many of us to official announce

that we will close out Hospice in Lago Patria end of September. Sadly, every month it is too much

money that need to be paid; rent, electricity and gas (and unexpected bills for broken things, light-bulbs,

doors etc. To have a descent place for the seniors cost plenty of money, and every month it’s a struggle

over how we are going to manage the bills.

We love to work with cases like Miele, or Vita and want to continue doing so. AWL is absolutely not giving up on our fantastic work. The show must go on. 
When having a hospice we sometimes need people staying at the hospice around the clock. It’s difficult.
AwL got designed a wood house for 4 dogs, and an extra room for supplies.
For the price of 3000 euro it can be AWL own place. But we need your help to help us collect the money.
We will have it built close to one of our volunteer that can watch over it together with some volunteers.  
In Germany we are starting with Senior Sanctuary place, for older dog to have a safe place until Heaven calls. Or, for special care for sick unwanted dogs. Volunteers can come and learn, love up on them. The house has two living areas.
The dogs are coming from the difficult area South Italy.
We also has to close our old house Casa dell’Amore, since animals were being dumped, or threatened to be dumped. Every day we get emails and calls from people that think our Hospice is a shelter. Daily, we have to stop our work to explain and argue. Some dogs are being tied up or thrown in over the fence. It’s very dangerous for our clients.
AWL started working in Italy 2008 (Founded 1999) and for many years has AWL worked with shelters with bathing, brushing and walking to socialize the dogs for better possibility for adoption. We will continue doing that once a month, on Saturdays. Bring food and medication donations to our shelter friends. Carrying on with our Spay and Neuter projects and Street projects. There are happy strays and we like to keep them that way by providing with medicine, spay and neuter and food for them. We have our area with strays that we keep a close eye on.  AWL has great teams here in Italy, Germany, USA and Sweden, and we want to sustain working with “difficult” cases.
We still need your support, love and donations so we can do what we are best, saving lives together with YOU.
That’s Amore!
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 Santa is with her family now in Spain

 Gaby is with her mom in Sweden

 Vita is getting fur….yes she was Pink when she came. Here at our Hospice with volunteer Martina.

And Trooper with his little buddy in Germany.

That’s Amore!



Our little VITA got her first own bath. Remember she was super scared when she arriaved. You couldn’t touch her. Well, if you give them “their” time they will finally fully bloom.

Our Flower!



 She was dumped outside the Caserta Shelter one week ago. Someone had put her in a paper-carton and walked away. Her name is VITA (Life) 

Very sick with leichmania, severe mange, her liver and kidneys are not working very well. Full of ticks. She decided she wanted to live, that’s why her name is perfect.

Casertas veterinarian examined her and medicine is being put in.

VITA came to our Hospice a couple of days ago. You couldn’t touch her, she was so scared. Now she has improved a little. Small steps, and soon she will understand she is safe. Hospice is a place where dogs that are either Senior, or severe sick can relax in a safe environment.
They have their own bedrooms, beds and many volunteers that look after them. We have two veterinarian teams that monitor them closely.

VITA lives in her own “apartment” section, downstairs, peacefully and can heal without stress.

She is between 1-2 years old, and 6 kg ♥

We desperately need help for VITA’s medicine and veterinarian check ups. We don’t know how much everything cost yet, but around 100-200 euro a month.

We are a non profit org. Started 1999 by a Military wife.
American registered run by Swedish/Italian/American volunteers.

We got paypal (donation) (donera)

 doxycyclin 100, (antibiotic)

ribes pet perle, (for her skin, high fat, Omega GLA)
stargate 2 mg, (positively affects the production of red blood cells)
mepral 20, ( Treatment and prevention of relapse of reflux oesophagitis and gastro-oesophageal reflux disease.)
zincogen pet perle. ( Bioavailable zinc combined with selenium, vitamin E, beta-carotene, Cu and Mn to stimulate the immune system and skin repair.)
Glutamex forte, (Glutamax Forte supports the proper functioning of the liver)
And she need special food Renal, wet and dry.
This week or next we need to have her health tested to see if she is healing well. Blood test and examination fee, and skin biopsy. Maybe an ultra sound!

 Hon lämnades utanför Caserta Shelter svart sjuk och medtagen. Någon hade lagt henne i en pappers kartong! Någon med ett hjärta men inga pengar. Vi kallar henne VITA (liv)

Hon har leichmania, mange och hennes lever och njurar är i dålig funktion. Full av fästingar och lider av järnbrist. Men, hon har bestämt sig för att leva.
Casertas egen veterinär har undersökt henne och satt henne på massa olika mediciner. För ett par dagar sedan kom VITA till vårt Hospice. Vi kunde inte röra henne, hon var vettskrämd. Vita har redan gjort några framsteg. Små steg och snart förstår hon att hon är i tryggt förvar. Vårt Hospice är ett hus for äldre hundar, eller svårt sjuka under observation. De har sina egna sovrum, sängar och många volontärer ser till dem. Vi har två olika veterinär team som ser efter dem.
Vita bor i en egen våning, sa hon kan förbättra hälsan utan stress.
Hon ar mellan 1-2 ar gammal och väger endast 6 kg.
Vi behöver desperat eran hjälp till att kunna ge VITA all den medicine hon behöver och hälsokontroller. Vi vet inte hela kostnaden ännu, men cirka 100-200 euro i månaden.
Vi är en ideell organisation som startades 1999 av mig. Registrerad i USA and volontärer från Sverige/USA/Italien
Vi har PAYPAL (kan donera med kredit kort) på 

Eller svenskt konto (donera.)



We Love you guys. That’s Amore

Chiara Sabino 50 euro
Roberta Fragalà 20 euro

Today came Imma Allozzi to our Hospice and donated medicine to Miele. At the same time did she love up on all our Hospice clients.
 Grazie Tutti, That’s Amore!



Sunny, with his white fluffy coat, who sat, together with his “partner” Cher for such a long time. Cher, a beautiful small, brown, fox look-alike, female.  No one really knows how old they are, but some documents indicate the year when they arrived at their horrible shelter with 400 cages was 1999! 
At that shelter, there is no grass, only concrete.  They don’t even get walks outside their pen.  Nothing to do, but waiting for death to come and rescue them.  Not many know about this shelter, it stands out in a open field away from people and houses.  A small gravel road will take you there, one that gets smaller and narrower the further you go towards the shelter.  Many cars wouldn’t make it.  If you continue going on the small dirt road it gives you the impression that it will not lead you anywhere.
Many American volunteers couldn’t handle watching all these gorgeous dogs being crammed in together in the cages when going with us.  The smell is overpowering; the many diseases are obvious, as are the crippled dogs in need of veterinarian care.  Their fur is so matted and laced with old feces tangled in.  
Sunny and Cheer’s document tell us they have been living in a 2 meter x 4 meter cage with a concrete floor for over 13 years.  No one took them for walks and no chance at adoption.  Incessant barking from the other prisoners likely numbed their minds.  At least they were alone together, no other dogs to share their meager space.  They were only two numbers on their cage door.  Over the years, they seemed to grow content with their lot in life, and that they had each other.  “All I ever need is you.”  He was her “little” man.
Animals Without Limits was asked if we could take them to our hospice, to provide a “home” feeling for their last months of life with healthy food, medicine and love.  When we got them to our Hospice, at first they looked confused walking around and of course we gave them the time to survey their new home.  It was obvious they had never seen a house, dog bowls, streets, cars, or radio.   Or grass.
Cher and Sunny were not afraid.
Every time they saw one of our volunteers, they said “hello” with a wage of their tails.
And as they had for so long in the shelter, they stayed together.   
Some people had said that it would be better to put them to sleep for good.  That after all those years in a cage, they couldn’t be normal in their heads.
Little would we know how much they would teach we humans, what forgiveness and love is all about.  Every day, they shined with generosity and love, greeting everyone that came to the hospice. They were wonderful to all the other old clients — seniors seldom argue.  It was as if wisdom spoke to them and said, “why not enjoy life instead of arguing?”
These seniors are many times former cage animals, or abandoned Italian dogs that were kept, but not as pets.  Sometimes, they were hunting dogs and had lived in small cages in the garden when not on the rare hunting trip — working.  
Sunny and Cher inspected the green grass and the bushes.  As they ambled around the hospice grounds, it was like they were communicating with each other, discussing what they saw.  “Ah, do you see this bush, Sonny?  It smells so nice.”  “Yes, what a wonderful sun-filled yard this is, Cher”
The volunteers adored them.  Visitors loved them.
Far too soon, Sunny started to be ill.  His back legs started to become weak.  Even if we take care of Seniors routinely, it tears on your heart when they start to decline and become ill.  You want to give them so much freedom and love to try to make up for suffering so long at other humans’ hands.  Their gratitude is enormously painful.  Their eyes are deep pools of love, saying thank you.
You want them to forgive us for not rescuing them earlier.
We want forgiveness for what other humans have done.
Sunny didn’t like to go to the veterinarian and without Cher following him, he felt lost.  One Italian volunteer was particularly gentle and able to take Sonny without Cher.  Sonny felt better, but in one month Sunny’s body got weaker and weaker.  Thankfully, he was not in pain.  Cher lay by his side the whole time, always close.  When Sunny woke up, probably from a bad dream, he would scream.  If he looked around and couldn’t see Cher, he would scream.  Cher sometimes lay at an angle where he couldn’t see her, but she would reach her paw out and lay it over his face:  “I got you, babe!”
Sunny would stop screaming and comfortably laid his head on his paws.  Every day, Cher put her head over his neck, so he could feel her.  “Baby don’t go.”
As he declined, volunteers lifted him out into the garden and helped him so he could pee and poo.  We worried about Cher, how would she cope after he was gone?
We decided that we needed our veterinarian to come to our hospice to help Sonny over to the other side.  We felt that Cher could lie next to him when this would happen, his anchor of calm as he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  We had promised them that.
Wednesday, the bittersweet day came.  Dr. Vittorio arrived at the hospice around noon.  As always he talked to our residents, greeting each one.  Our volunteers Angy, Tonia and Martina solemnly lifted and carried Sunny out to the garden, the green grace.  The sunshine was the spotlight of eternal life.  Dr. Vittorio gently stroked Sunny over his body, saying “Sunny, your fur is so white and shinny. They really treated you like a King here.”
With those last words Sunny let go and flew to the land of eternal freedom, where no cages or harmful people exist.  Cher was right there as Sonny took his last breath.  Dr. Vitorio and our volunteers all looked worriedly at Cher, but she seemed relived, happy for someone else’s journey.  She seemed to know in her heart that she would soon be with him again.  Until that time, she felt safe among friends.  She walked inside the hospice and laid down in their bed, knowing her best friend was now safe.  Sunny had died happy, and Cher was happy for his soul to be free at last.  The beat goes on.
That’s Amore!

 (c) Mia Mattsson-Mercer

Thank you great volunteers at the Hospice/ Thank you Sponsors, Anna Persson and Maria Hahne. Grazie!