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Write you name in my heart!

Valentine’s Day is soon upon us! You humans will express your love for that sweet someone special. But what of us? We Seniors here at the hospice also have big hearts; big enough for all of you! Make us your sweet valentine — write your name on our hearts! You can sponsor me or one of my friends by donating 5 euro/dollar per heart thru Paypal here on the page.

Please don’t forget to earmark your donation with the name of your Senior 4-legged sweetheart!

That’s Amore!
Stella – President at Casa dell’Amore

Skriv ditt namn i mitt hjärta!

Snart är det Alla Hjärtans Dag! Vi som bor här på hospicet har plats för många i våra hjärtan. Vill du skriva ditt namn i mitt? Sponsra gärna mig eller några av mina vänner här på bilden genom att köpa ett eller flera hjärtan för 50 kr via bankgiro 476-9246 fram till Alla Hjärtans dag. Skriv ditt namn på inbetalningen så vi kan tacka alla som hjälper oss. 

That’s amore!
Stella – chef på Casa Dell’Amore



The Swedish team: Pia Wallin, Ulrika Johansson and Maria Lagerbeck, together with a big team of sponsors from Sweden, are delivering a very Merry Christmas to the Hospice Seniors and Volunteers.
We (AWL) are overwhelmed by the enormous generosity and love that has been sent down to us. The “Three Wise Women” started the charity just one month ago. Every day they worked like caffeinated elves to reach out to as many people as possible in Sweden.
Amazingly, many wonderful animal-friends opened their hearts and wallets for our Mission Hospice Seniors. But maybe that isn’t so amazing?
We are forever thankful and we will make updates here.
A total of 18570 SEK = ~1857 euro
– 15360 SEK earmarked for ordering required items on
– 3210 SEK earmarked for electricity
The AWL team and I thank you for your love, passion and compassion towards our “old team.”
That’s Amore
Mia Mattsson-Mercer