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Rita Schneider came to the hospice today with 300 euro and a lot of food. You Rock!
Thank you Vet clinic on base for letting people drop off donations. THANK YOU ALL (and Olivia Bedoya for driving the items to our hospice)
Cleaning equipment, we are desperate in need every day. 80% of our days we clean.

Lynn Wodall, we are grateful for dropping off more cleaning detergent…
Tatiana and Michael Mc Guire the feeder is brilliant. Athena loves it.

Thank you for thinking and supporting AWL Hospice. It means the world for us and our four legged clients. You all ROCK!



From AWL heart, a big THANK YOU to all who came out to help us last Sunday at the Hospice Casa della Amore. It was a true joy and the dogs loved all the attention, love (and some even got to bath.)

Amy, you won Rosita’s heart. No one could pick her up before!
Angelina brought a beautiful dog cover dress for Rosita. She enjoyed it!

We had a lot of “Handy Mandy” hands, light bulbs were changed, power washing, cleaning bathrooms, walking the dogs, bathing. It was a true Amore day.

We were many different ages, youth, young adults, children…it was so wonderful to see you all.

Thank you for making a difference, that’s amore!

And you all brought such great dog food donations that we will share with the shelters in need.





Early in the evening it is now getting darker. Sarah and her friend came and helped out with feeding and cleaned the hospice–THANK YOU so much for your wonderful help.

We got a new hospice resident/client, Alemm. He is 18 years old and lived locked in a room for many years at his owners house. He was living only on human food, and laid in his own pee and poop. Apparently, little if any human-dog contact. Effectively, it was “solitary confinement” for this soul who committed no crime worth such a sentence.

When his owner recently moved to a new house she threw Alemm out. 18 years old, senile and blind. A fine thank you for a life of devotion!

Italian animalfriend Oriano called me and asked if Alemm could come and stay at our Casa della Amore. Of course we would give him a warm bed, vitamines, healthy food and a loving hand.

Her animal friends joined in and brought him to Hospice. It was heartbreaking to see him, really just a shell of a dog.

I gave him one bath and the water was dark brown. A volunteer Michael helped me bathing him a second time, and still the water was brown yellow. Most of the time, he circles to the left in smallish, 2-meter diameter circles. He must have been in a small, 2-meter wide room all those years. 😦
I said to my husband how someone could abandoned his fury friend after 18 years? Considering that the dog was shut away in the room for years, Todd looked at me and said, “You don’t know when she actually abandoned him.”

Thank you Oriano and Marcello, Tiziana Sommaiolo and Eleonora …Maria Reder and Corrado,Piera. For all your donations, that’s Amore. And a special thank you to all you who help AWL to have a hospice for those old, wise, fury friends. Your donations are a blessing!



My weekly column in the Magazine Nara. Its about the Hospice client Leo, how you can be a grumpy old man and after one week in Hospice like a lamb.
Hope you enjoy the reading. It about Amore.



This is Leo, a happy stray that many people loved in the area where he lived. I got a call from a volunteer, Maria, who had been feeding Leo for the past 15 years. She was very worried about him since his back legs appeared to have started to get very weak. Could I help?

When I met him on a warm afternoon in July, my hopes were not that big. He had lived on the streets for so many years and didn’t let anyone touch him. He is street smart and was hiding between the cars when we tried to put frontline on him. He had his territory that was his responsibility, his job, and to take that away from him might sink him into depression.

Nonetheless, a week later we got him to Dr Damiani, and the prognosis wasn’t the best for his hips. Its rough being old on the streets when so many other strays want to take over someone’s food bowl and space.
Last week, I was happy to call Maria and tell her to bring in Leo to the AWL Hospice, he is a true worthy candidate.

He stole my heart, this grumpy old man who’s eyes seem to look through your body. He is not easy to charm, but there is something so wise behind those brown eyes. His mind is fresh and he is very quiet (and deaf).

He hasn’t ever been inside a building, so he stays away from the house. Only now, after one week, can I clean his eyes and he even comes up to me when I am at the hospice. He loves the food, only the best is being served and with raw meat, mixed with super vitamins for oldies as well as a painkiller.

(I won’t brush him since he will freak out, and that is his protection from being coming cold too. One thing at a time.)

But he is my Amore!