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Thank You Danke Tack


A super big thank you to Helen Berg, for this amazing big Christmas Package. 

Tungelsta Häst och Hund a big thank you for the bandages.

Our Rescue Horses will look even more amazing now.

Thank you Sweden, our Rescue Horses will look amazing.

Food Donation to Miracle


donation food Equiva Horb.jpeg


What a Christmas Miracle.

A big thank you to Frau Eipeer and Frau Schwab, at the horse store Equiva in Horb, Germany. Miracle received 100 kg horse food. What a great Christmas Present.



Danke Danke Danke!

Update on Olivia’s​ GoFundMe Horses


❤️ Hi Everyone,
First and foremost, I want to thank you that has donated and shared this campaign.
The reason for me starting to rescue horses are many. I love horses, they are not only beautiful but also intelligent as many of you already know.
But what many doesn’t know is that after a terrible horse accident when I was 9 years old, made me depressed and terrified for life. I didn’t want to live!
After surgeries, my mom tried so hard to help me. — she joked with me asking if I couldn’t start playing golf. But I wanted to be among horses—
One day she found Hirschof Riding school and there was a horse named Sunshine.
He listen to me when I told him about my day. I could cry without him rolling his eyes. Together with him, I was in the moment, he brought me back to life.
Miracle is the handsome 26 y old horse that I rescued from Italy. He is amazing and can see when you are sad or happy. He sees your shattered heart.

Children Oregon
I want so badly to save Gummi Bear and Rihanna and create, not only a senior retirement place. But for other children with broken hearts that can come out and receive healing from these horses.
I want to give back! Please help me help other children to feel seen and not judged, to feel“I am SomeOne” To meet the best healers.
I won’t do this by myself. A beautiful child therapist will be part of my team and many other educated people.
Your gift will be given back to both Animals and Children!
From my ❤️
Yours Olivia


Children & Horses


Watching my daughter ride is a true pleasure. And today, she trotted for her first time. Bouncing up and down, her helmet was flopping around, and she just giggled!
These two boys –on the picture– were holding their mothers horse while she was helping another lady, that touched my heart.
But it was difficult watching one boy riding his horse in the riding arena, in the same group as my daughter.
He did n’t use his feet to increase the speed of the horse. He did n’t use his seat to hold an even tempo together with his horse. He used his whip on the horse the whole time.
The instructor did n’t say anything, nor his father whom stood watching with an unexpressed face. The roller coast of emotions…..