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This is the follow up story if you need to up date please click and read.

The AWL rescue team and friends of Simona– and her rescue team–, they went in and made a fantastic change for the lady. Angy took warm home made chicken soup, they brought cloths for the lady too. AWL sponsored with medication, de worming, adventix, dog bowls, dog food and blankets.
There are 8 dogs and one female with puppies. We are in an urgent need to have them transported to Dr Damiani for treatments –also spay and neuter. To be able to do that we are in big desperate need for donations. Please donate on paypal, you can find it here on our blog.
You can even send us checks; Maria Mattsson-Mercer–CMR 489 Box 1347, APO AE 09751 (that’s it do not write any country–on the check you write Animals Without Limits. You can ear mark Castel Volturno dogs)

Outside AWL Hospice team Amore!
Cleaning mission in action. A whole day non stop cleaning and medicating.


“We went with food, deworming,advantix,clothes,blancket,a lot of water, hot chicken soup.

Ivomec for the dog with mange and a lot of bags to put the garbage.

We cleaned as much was possible. She was happy about the help.

She said that people put everything on fire twice and she also went to the Hospital 😦 this happen also because people want to occupate her house (it isn’t her house since also the lady occupated it illegally).She lived for 7 years in another house that the mayor gave to her but there was the first time people put her on fire and she left that place and went in this house where again it happens.

The house is totally destroyed. She just can use one room but no windows or doors and the rain go inside and also the rats :(((

People put the garbage inside her house since the garbage container are in her garden, so we put these on the other side of the street.

We talked to her about the dogs and she would be happy to get help with care and sterilization. She said that we can bring some dogs but she would keep some since she really love them.

I think just two dogs really need care. The one with mange and another with a broken leg.

We will come back. We want to find foster home for the dogs that need care. It was a hard day but we are happy 🙂

Bacio bacio”



The Italian team with Simona and friends from us AWL team came these pictures from a lady living in Castel Volturno in Italy.
She lives in a room in a house with no roof, no water, nothing to cook. In Campania region you dont have any security net to fall on when you dont have a home, job or being sick.
Her only friends are 8 strays that she talks to and gives her love back in return. The people around want to have her removed, out on the street somewhere else. They claim it stinks. Her yard is full of trash, but outside on the streets there are same amount trash. Who is worse?

This dog is in need of treatment, she got mange. Another dog has a broken leg after a car accident.

Instead of wrinkling the nose and complain, Simona with friends and the lovely AWL team went there today to clean and medicate.

We are in desperate need of donation to be able to help this woman and the 8 strays. We need to have all the dogs spayed and neutered, vaccinated, examined and then find foster home.

We also need water containers to feel up and deliver to the lady. Cloths, blankets, dog food and of course food to the lady.
You can donate paypal or our Italian bank account
We cannot help all but those we help, we help!