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 This is Eva (Eve) she is an English Setter found running around on the highway with a rope hanging around her neck. She was rescued by Flavia and brought to Dr Damiani clinic for examination.

 She is very under weight but have a great mind and heart. First she is a little shy but after 1 minute she is playing and having fun. She is a petite girl only 10 kg.

Thanks to you and your support she can stay in the hospice for treatment and a lot of love. Ombra the male English Setter loves Eve. That’s Amore.


Sunday evening Martina and Pio drove along the highway and saw this little girl walking among the high speeding traffic. They stoped and scooped her in. She was full off ticks and also in heat. She stayed in the rehab/hospice over the night, and was picked up by Mia in the morning.

Out to LegaProAnimale for sterilization. She was such a trooper even if the vet had a hard time finding her vein. She stayed over the night, picked up by Mia and brought back to her house.

Many thought that Mia would keep Penny Lane –2 years old– but Mia likes to have dogs that are up for adoption in her home to monitor them before handing them over to the best family. Yes, Penny Lane already got three families applying for her.

She is wonderful and you can tell she has never been in a house before. Very shy and gentle, like excusing herself the whole time. Great with children and animals.

Lynn gave her a bed today, and she loves it, she sleeps the whole time.

It will be hard to adopt her away, we are all very found of her, our Penny Lane. She is Amore!