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Grooming time


It was so great to have Judith here working on Angelo’s long hair. Senior Angelo looks so adorable now like a puppy. 

Stella did everything to get in between. 



 Shelby Morbray came to our Hospice together with volunteer Brittany yesterday afternoon to give the clients pedicure and manicure.

 Stella the Handbag wasn’t that found of the spa moment.

 Our former volunteer Sharon came together with her Husband with donations. Thank you so much guys. We miss you,

Our sweet heart LOVE did wonderful while getting prettier 

More Hot Heros


Linda is a super trooper volunteer. She is loving, got speed and she is confident, just what AWL and the dogs need.

Jenny is a Swedish girl, living together with her Italian boyfriend in Napoli. Jenny is our translator and washer, a darn good one.
It was very hot this day so we didn’t mind ourselves getting wet.

The volunteers used cups of water to wet those dogs down that was afraid of the hose. That is Amore thinking volunteers!

This German Shepard was a new comer to the Rossella shelter and was in a big need of grooming. The handy Mandy guys..Darren and Eric did wonders.

Darren and Erci cutting of some dreadlocks. What an Amore day! Thank you ALL.

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