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Remember last summer? AWL rescued Great Dane family!

Trevor was getting big…and he got a wonderful family that sent me the picture……

He is BIGGER!!!!

Nice divano with wonderful friends…this is my mom!

and my family re named me TYSON..I like that, big name to a big guy like me! That’s Amore.



I am horrible with adopting away dogs. Its heartbreaking and wonderful at the same time.

Always scared that something will go wrong, will “he” be loved and taken cared of?

Think if they abandon “him”?!

Then I get attached to “him” but my head is trying to tell my heart not to be selfish with my feelings, that “he” now can move on and get a better life. Its bittersweet to say the least!

Today from Venice came Stewart’s new “dad’ to pick him up and take him home. It was wonderful to see them together, how he talked to Stewart. And finally Stewart was in heaven getting all the attention and love he needs and deserves.

The other Great Dane puppy, Morgana also went together with him, to meet her new family– also up north. It was a double good-bye today. Good Luck Stewart and Morgana.

AWL thanks Jenifer of Hotel Agora who introduced us to the Great Dane family so we could rescue them. She and her husband also sponsored the medical bills for “mom and dad” Great Dane, Boss and Lady.

Martina Ricci, my wonderful animal friend, always there for us and the animals. You helped AWL so much by contacting SOS Alani rescue organization, to help with finding homes for the puppies and kept organizing the meetings with Stefania.

Stefania of SOS Alani rescue organization a BIG thank you for doing such great work; background checking the families, making sure they are trustworthy and worthy of the love of the dogs. You all have saved so many beautiful Great Danes. You all are fantastic.

Team effort, not for ourselves but for the animals. That’s Amore.



And so it was time to say good bye to Cindy our Great Dane puppy #6. Her family drove from North Italy to pick her up.

The Great Dane rescue S.O.S Alano Steffani (left w Stewart) thank you for finding a great family for her. Martina for calling and arranging our meeting. Cindy will be missed but we know she will have a wonderful time with her new family. Thank you everyone!



Our little Trevor is adopted by what seems a wonderful warm couple. They lost their adult

Great Dane Chopin, so Trevor is now a Happy Chopin II

Its always bittersweet to say Good bye to some one you rescued and loved, but he is going from a three star retreat to a five star home. Good Luck Buddy.

We want to Thank Martina who helped us contacting SOS ALANO ALANI here in Italy and being our middle hand. Stefani from the rescue organization is doing a great job finding a good match.



Here’s Trevor…..

We still have mom and dad Great Dane that we rescued 2 months ago with 8 puppies. We have 4 puppies remaining, Cindy & Morgana (F), and Trevor & Stewart (M). A Great Dane rescue organization in Italy is going to help us to adopt away the puppies (born 30 July) to great families. Momma and Daddy will hopefully go to Spain together, (we need sponsors for that trip). A great home is awaiting them there.

Hilly Billy’s from the country side….Me and Stewart!


Cindy surprise! Out for a stroll…

Our sweet Morgana…..

And momma dog, Lady, who we drove to Lega Pro to have sterilized. Thank you to Pio for helping me lift 60 kg of dog into my SUV.


Freya from Holland is a new great volunteer at our Hospice. She washed all the Great Danes, later on with help from another fantastic volunteer Sarah (GB) Friday afternoon while we are cleaning we share a bottle of vine. Funny how easier it is to clean!

My Dicky, rescued from the streets put in a shelter on a wet cold concrete with a lot of disease. I drove quickly and pick him up. He is the sweetest thing, always happy. Even when he gets shots at the clinic, is his tail going like a drumstick.

Our two (out of three) mini German Shepards keeps us busy cleaning while they keep themselves busy playing and fighting.

Four Great Dane puppies now got loving homes. We are so happy for them. Today a beautiful family came and fell in love with a female they named Dolce.

One of our oldies Tiger 15y old are now feeling at home at the hospice and sleeps comfortable on the sofa.

Michelle adopted a female Mini German Shepard that are living in a house now together with a cat. We wish you all luck.

Leo 15y that never went inside houses. Well this morning he did. My heart is full of joy. My beloved Leo.

Maybe he didn’t like me that much, but I gave him a bath since his fur is so full of parasites. Amazing, before no one could touch him and here, I gave him bath and he stood still.

We also once in a while get wonderful energetic children to volunteer. We learn a lot from them, and hopefully they can be our hope for the future about kindness to animals.

Angel 17y enjoying his chewing bone outside in the sun. That’s what AWL Hospice is about. Relaxing pain free enjoyment.

Male and female Mini German Shepards adopted by a wonderful warm generous family from Holland. They named them “Bonnie and Clyde”
Our days are full off Amore, and we hope or clients enjoys their five star Hospice Thats’ Amore.



You have been able to follow us on the blog, the “Mission Jen” with the Great Danes that were at a riding school. A lot of people, children got scared of these gentle giants, and maybe not the best environment for the puppies to grow up in. Jen from Hotel Agora introduced us and she and her husband are the adult dogs’ sponsors.

We picked them up and of course they got stressed about what was going on. They have never during their 3 years left the place. It was heart breaking — their concern for their puppies combined with their anxiety over where they were going, leaving the only home they’d ever known!

Big Puppy Yawn!
We got them to LegaProAnimale, a big family of two adults and 8 puppies (4 weeks old). Once at LPA, they were de-wormed and Advantix applied right away. Dr. Lorenzo was a sport helping us.

During the next 3 days, they will go through a lot of health tests, and the adult male will be castrated (female will be when she is done nursing). This will be her break after many litters in a “Puppy Mill”.

Her eyes seemed to be bothering her, so a double check on that too….we want our clients to feel better, that’s what our donaters want as well.

Jennifer and Christian Hotel Agora, thank you for saving these lives. That’s Amore