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HAPPY ENDING–Thank you all

I think this is my happiest story.

Maybe because it was a big family of 10 dogs, remember? Click on this link to refresh your memory… maybe it was so many to find good homes for, and the puppies got great homes and my worries for the mother Lady and father Boss would find a great home together ate me alive. We had contacted a fantastic organization in Spain that we could drive to, but our personal life’s put a stop to that idea. An animal friend offered to fly them over to a British couple in Spain who wanted to adopt them. But lack of money made that undertaking a big question mark.

I had been told that homes separately could be found for them relatively easily. But I refused. Boss and Lady were born together and had gone through so much together. I wanted them to end together. I saw when we separated them for a walk or to take one to the vet, how sad and worried they became. Our hospice wasn’t the paradise they deserved, but it was better than what they had before. I wouldn’t give up.

Finally, one day I get an e-mail from my “secretary” that the Great Dane rescue lady Stefania now had found a perfect match. The prospective adopters would drive down from north of Rome to meet Boss and Lady.

And Emanuela and her mother came down and as soon as I hugged them, I knew they were perfect. They were smiling and laughing in a warm way when they saw goofy Boss playing and they couldn’t stop cuddling with Lady. They were perfect and I cried. Big, happy tears.

These are the pictures Emanuela sent to me. They have a huge garden, like a soccer field. And thanks to Lena Lillier and Ulla Lindner who sent dog covers, Lady and Boss are doing great and staying warm in the snow up north (a first for them).

And going from stable floor, to hospice floor to their own sofa in a warm and loving home, they are in heaven but still on Earth. This is Amore!

Thank you all for supporting this long journey and not giving up. Jennifer at Hotel Agora who introduced me to this Great Dane family and who sponsored the spay and neuter… you really were the catalyst for this to happen.

Pio for taking long walks with Boss, and Martina for your support and contacting and being the middle hand for the Great Dane rescue Italy Stefania, I love you guys.

Todd for not giving up and the late nights being at the hospice sitting with them giving them love and attention.
And to this wonderful family that together with Stefania, show that miracles do happen (it is the season for miracles, after all!)
And once again, I didn’t give up!

Beautiful Lady.