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While in Sweden we met our good friends Erika and Bobby thanks to the survivor Giove that they adopted from AWL in Italy (concentration camp) He was so thrilled and wonderful we couldn’t stop kissing him (and him us) What an Amore enjoyment!

Erika (designer and medium) is a wonderful calm person and my Max just adores her, so much that he climbed up in her arms and later fell asleep. Not many have that effect on him. He is a little guy who can read people very well.

Giove checking things out.

His big brother Akiles just loved to cool his legs off.

Olivia walking with Athena, and both loves the Swedish nature. This was an Amore day! Thank you friends for everything that you do.
That’s Amore!



Look at beautiful Giove from Italy! Never would anyone in their wildest fantasy have guessed that this dog, Giove would be on the cover of a Magazine together with his beautiful owner Erika.
Giove was rescued from a terrible shelter, (Giove is on the video with two ropes around his neck) put in another shelter, then in a kennel, and then in my house for a couple of weeks so his new family could come down and get him. He went through so many different tests. And he solved everything under our observation with big verve and great heart. I even took the magazine with me today when visiting the dog catchers they were the one providing us with Giove’s Passport.

In this article you can read about Giove, that we called Mini Mandela –how he survived and fooled death many times. Even up to the end here in Italy, some of the veterinarians warned us about him….He never did anyone any harm, not even growled. He has never made any accidents inside their apartment, and with children he has been wonderful. He moved in with Erika and husband Bobby and their two woderful dogs, you can follow Giove’s own blog.

Also in the article you can read the message my daughter delivered from Erica’s dad, who is on the other side, that gave us “positive” goose bumps.

You can contact the Magazine; 0046-40 (Malmo) 29 20 02

Giove — Update


Finally, finally we are getting to give Giove a wonderful life, he so deserves it.
You remember Giove from the terrible shelter. Ylva took a picture that a wonderful couple in Sweden saw and fell in love with him. They fell so much on love that they adopted him and this was back in February! He was transported to another shelter, not as bad as the other one, but not very nice either. Paper work is a nightmare here and the change of microchip took a long time so we could start with all the blood tests. We transferred Giove to one veterinarian clinic in quarantine, tests and a hernia surgery, de-worming and de-worming and gosh everything.

We have paid, me and my husband, 700 euro for his treatment and lodging. And then the trip for him is not included. This is one reason why Sweden gets a lot of sickness and problem dogs since adopting a healthy dog is expensive and no organization can afford to spend up to 1000 euro per dog on many cases.

Today, me and my children picked him up and he was so sweet in the car, sitting looking out through the back windows. He was a good gentleman when walking into my yard and 6 dogs greeted him sniffing him very carefully and he stood absolutely still and wagged his tail.

Right now he is outside laying in his first grass ever, together with his former “terrible shelter” friends wondering…what is this green stuff?