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These two characters are “rescue” dogs from Italy living together in Germany.
Both are now Seniors and got the kindest hearts ever. Sammy and Leah also live together with ten other rescue dogs in the house that we bought to fit all our dogs.
Many ask us if they live inside! Yes of course, they are family members.
Each one of them knows their sleeping place, some in our beds, and some prefers their own dog beds.
They chose and show us, what they want. 
That’s Amore!

Handsome English Setter Spot


This handsome boy is called Spot. He was found abandon on the streets, skin and bones and with a broken heart. We were asked if we could help finding him a home.

I was amazed! We found a home in only one hour. Friends of mine, that has lived down in Naples and adopted two english setter rescuers.  Gina, one of the girls died and they have been waiting for a while after the ‘right’ one for their Princess. I sent them the pictures of Spot and they answered back right away…’he is welcome to our home in Germany’

On our mission down we wanted to meet him and also thank his foster dad Fabrizio. Without foster moms/dads we cannot get our documents ready. We love their help, its amazing since I know how difficult it is emotional to later hand them over. You get so attached.

It was a lovely meeting. What a boy, what a soul….amazing dog. Im in love.
That’s Amore!

Our Little Joey


 Joey was a very happy stray down in south Italy for many years. At first he didn’t want to be someones pet. He loved his freedom and meeting the people that fed him, petted him and then, let him go.
But becoming a Senior on the streets is not easy, especially when the winters cold night making them sicker. WE decided that Joey should have a home.

Joey came to me in my Senior Sanctuary home among 14 other dogs, I think one year ago. He was going to be spayed. I had a check up on him and he had artros on his back spines and on top of everything, leischmania. No one wanted to adopt a Senior with Leischmania. I don’t have any problems with that since we have had many dogs and it can be  kept under control if caught in right time.
Ironic, it was not the leischmania that would end his life. He got aggressive cancer that are spreading in his body like fire.

I was crying, since his mind is still very sharp but his body is breaking down.

 Olivia and I took him to the veterinarian and I could see in Dr Hummels eyes that it was not much hope. 5-7 days. We got medicine, painkiller and other things that will help ease some. But when Joey wants to, Dr Hummel will come home and help him over to the other side.

Joey has his bed infront of the fireplace, and it is pate’ three times a day. He eats and is very happy and we are happy and thankful for each day we get together with him.

That’s Amore!



 Love you GUYS
$3921 and 217 euro
Marie McArthur 10 GBP

Marlene Katz $25 

Craig Kleber $2000 The donation is in Craig’s mother’s name Valeria.  
Craig Kleber from Brentwood, LA, US is one of the most generous, warmhearted and honest animal lover I met. Thank’s to his loving ex wife Tracey Kleber was he introduced to AWL’s work. For many years have he been following and donated, supported and commented our work with the Hospice and Shelters. His kindness is amazing. AS always Craig, you are incradable. We love you for being so gold hearted to many animals. 
That’s Amore!

Solveig Qvam $76

Molly Wright $100 
Anna Persson25 Euro

Laila Eriksson 15 euro

Michelle Delgado-Gunter$100 and $200/monthly to LOVE

Nicole Aube $10

Jordan Shortwell $30

Travis Owens $20
Diana Cozzens $130
Victoria Levin $70

Elizabeth Bender $20

Elisabeth Kruse100 euro

Lindsay Lindsay Norman$60

Antonia Castillo $50

Megan Silbert $100

Sharon Harney 25 euro

Maritha Maritha Ogilvie $20

Isobel O’Brien $50

Erica Newman $20



 We are so happy that Kino the Husky is now in his new home together with his American family here in Germany. WE wish him all our best together with mom, dad and cat.

 We were worried that Kino would chase the cat but it showed us how wrong we humans can be in our “narrow mind thinking”.
The cat chased Kino who was terrified. Sorry Kino we cannot help laughing.

Thank you Kino and family for your wonderful donation to our Hospice Casa dell”Amore down in Italy.

That’s Amore!