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This is honey! She had a rough start in life. Abandon and according to her wounds, locked up left to die.

Our wonderful AWL volunteer Nicky Mormino was out walking when she saw this poor little thing. Nicky didn’t hesitate to take her and rich her to our veterinarian Dr.Damiani. In this Campania area they estimate that the number of strays are over 75.000. And all animal lovers homes are filled with rescue animals.

Honey is around 6-7 months old and is now resting out and getting treated and a lot of love and food, everything she need in an American family home.

We will keep you updates. 

Plan Your Rescue Mission

When you rescue a dog from the streets and brings him to a shelter, make sure you got a time plan. 

Many dogs are happy on the streets when being healthy and looked after. 

 Some “happy” street dogs ends up in cages for many years,up to 7-14 years! 




Unique handmade keyrings made especially for our girl.
Key ring is Ca. 10 cm long.
If you would like one or more key rings, pls. Let me know which colour and PM Elisabeth Kruse, your address.
Of course if you have any special wishes with regard to the text just let us know.
Postage worldwide FREE OF CHARGE.
Donation of 5 EUR/7 USD/45 SEK a piece directly to AWL please, earmarked Luna. on PAYPAL or DONATE here on the blog.

Luna sends you all a huge
Luna was tied up on a chain and being abused. She was rescued into a bad shelter. Only two years they discovered that Luna had a heart-problem and had not been medicated. A wonderful volunteer took her in as her foster dog and AWL want to have a second veterinarian/heart specialist diagnosing her. We also want to help donate medicine and special food for Luna. The first veterinarian said she probably only have 6 months left.
We want to give Luna a wonderful life–whatever time she has left. She now plays with other dogs, sleeping inside the house, free in the big garden. Let us help LUNA
That’s Amore!



 We have a wonderful loving warm and happy Hospice for Senior dogs. They come very sick and with a sad background. Our goal is to help them get better in a quiet, green and healthy environment.

No cages or crates. We don’t believe in that!

 They got their bedrooms, their beds or couches. LOVE our lovely German Shepard was dumped in a shelter after beings someones pet for 10 years. It was a horrible shelter. Depressed and sick we saw her picture and picked her up. Now, she is our Sunshine!

 Sunny Boy is over 13 years old, the same years as his age he sat in a shelter, never seen grass or other smells than 400 dogs in cages. Can you believe that he is the sweetest happiest Senior dog, taking in every day as his name….Sunny

 Darling Franka Senior Girl left in another shelter 300 dogs since 2003. Sick, skin and bones and depressed she was seen by one of our volunteers.

 Nonna Maria, what a lady…what a Queen! Left on a field to die down in Southern Italy. Seen on pictures by us when the rescue lady asked after help. We adopted her.

Minnie darling, former Puppy Mill breeding dog is now beautiful and healthy. After 10 years of horrible breeding was she left in a garden with a big puppy that wanted to play all the time. Minnie was very sick and depressed. She came to our Hospice and now after surgery and health treatments, she looks like a Star! In a couple of days is she going to her forever family up North. It will be with Happy Tears we say good bye.

That’s Amore!



Every second Saturday; At Rosella’s shelter, working and loving up on all these wonderful rescue dogs. AWL do not like shelters, but what can you do? Ignore it because your opinion is something else?
We don’t. Life is not Black and White!

We are doing everything to find a solution, but of course we need your help.

Our trooper walker Eric with his friend Bull

The AWL Saturday Team, washing and washing and loving and laughing. This team are so big and loving, doing this for free (now I can hear them screaming, “we get love back from the dogs”)


Ben, our new volunteer took this beautiful German Shepard mix for a walk. New smells, new hopes!
Pictures (c) 2009 Ben Staley