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Nicolle and Jason who foster all the 9 puppies linked up with me at Dr Damiani’s clinic for a health check.

All 4 boys and 5 girls were very healthy.

Dr. Longo and Ass. Roberta listen to their hearts, checked mouth and walk. The fur balls are only 5-6 weeks so we are waiting with the vaccinations.

Then Kiki Joy got her bandage taken off, and now she “only” has an infected ear. She is such a good girl, 15 years old.

Zara was arguing with other dogs on the other side of the fence, and her foot got caught. She pulled so hard that her toes needed to have plenty of stitches. My oh my!

Our sweet heart Spencer (girl) got her stitches removed after the sterilization. Now she is ready for a loving forever home. She is like a cat. When you lift her up she loves to stand on your shoulders. And in bed she curls up like a cat. The children adores her, and so do I.

And the last client of the day. Shiloh had gotten a “secret object” in her paw it was swollen and painful, but she was a trooper.
I can tell you that AWL is not still for one minute, always on missions. That’s Amore!



For over two years I have seen her walking around here in our little city, a beautiful female German Shepherd, but always so shy, like she never wanted to bother anyone. Several times have I read and heard that momma Shepherd has given birth to puppies around here, always between
9-12 cuties. I wanted desperately to catch her and have her sterilized, another goal/dream was to provide her with a family. The life is so hard for the stray dogs here, and many people chased her away when she tried to get food from the garbage piles that the humans just throw out from their car window. I can never understand why no one chases away these people who dirty down the city with their own filth?

Recently, when I saw her big, heavy belly I knew she would give birth any day, and of course then she was gone. My worries escalated since a big NATO base is being built here and I know the workers there would chase her away. Another fear was that she could be hurt by more people coming, and especially new comers who have never seen such strays before and would cause more harm than help.

An English lady named Lynn was feeding strays at the NATO site and one day I was telling her about my concern, I wanted that dog so badly. Lynn knew who I meant and told me the dog was where she fed the others but in another pack, and a food war could escalate since momma had been giving birth and was very hungry.

My friends Pio and Martina saw the momma dog and followed her with their car, with a nice distant of course so as not to scare her away. Because they followed, they learned where she had the puppies. An important
lesson: Never go up to the puppy “nest”, it that can attract danger from other packs. Just leave them without touching or holding. The mother is feeding them. Report it to someone who has experience.

I was shown where they were and thus plan B could start. First: catch mommy together with volunteer Nicolle who had promised to foster all 9 puppies and mother dog. Lynn went with us too, since the people in the area know her in case someone should object to what we were doing. Many Italians do feed the dogs and are protective of them.

Mother dog was wonderful, she is around 2 years old and has had 4 litters already. Nicolle lifted her inside my SUV, no growling no objections. We drove around the whole NATO site and put a leash on mommy and walked to where we knew the puppies were. She was wonderful no dragging only walking, we suspected she had once had an owner. On mommy’s signal came all 9 puppies out from their hiding and we could save and gently carry them on board together with mommy.

Wonderful Nicolle and her husband had made it their home puppy friendly and mommy “Rosie” is sleeping inside together with them. They are together in front of the fireplace, together even with their Nicolle’s two cats. I am telling you, this is a wonderful German Shepherd, she is fantastic. She is full of Amore.