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Gorgeous George was found wandering the streets in Campania, Italy. Being the friendly chap he is he sought human contact and as he was in dire need of some TLC an AWL volunteer, Valerie Funk, came to his rescue. George moved in with Valerie and her family while he was nursed back to health and slowly regained his strength. But still he was not doing well.

Gorgeous George kept being in luck! Far away in Germany wonderful people, Jacqui and Mike, their Boxer Bella and rescue cat Mya, saw a picture of George and immediately fell in love.

Not long after George was on his way to Germany and after a couple off weeks with AWL’s president, Mia, in Stuttgart he had to see a vet Mia suspected something was not correct. Xray was done and the horror to see the back leg broken was enormously. On top of everything he had bladder crystals. The family Jacqui and Mike came and picked him up and it was fantastic to met them. SO full of love. George continued his journey further north, now as a full member of his new fur-ever family and sitting next to his new sister, Beautiful Bella.

Bella and George hit it off from the word go, but….. there is a problem!

At some point in the past George was the victim of a car accident and the damage to his bag leg and hip is continuously causing him severe pain. He was not being x rayed in Italy or tested for blood work. It turned out that he has a blood disease and are being treated with injections now.
He can’t run and play with Bella which he so desperately wants to (and Bella too) and some days he is in so much discomfort and pain that he can hardly stand up.

The good news is that with the right treatment (extensive surgery and after care) George’s hip and leg can be saved and he can live a normal pain-free happy life with Jacqui, Mike, Bella and Mya for many years to come.

Jacqui and Mike knew that George had health problems and still they opened their home and their hearts and welcomed him in as a full member of their family. We want to help back we think this family is totally awesome.

The costs of George’s treatment will be very expensive and we would like to help cover some of the expenses.

Therefore if you would like to make a contribution to ‘’Gorgeous George’s Happy Health fund’’ and help get him back on his feet, then it would be very much appreciated.

Contributions earmarked ‘’George’’ can be made via direct transfer or Paypal which details can be found on the Animals Without Limits webpage:

IW BANK S.p.A.Via Cavriana, 2020134 Milan
On behalf of Gorgeous George, a big WUUF and MANY MANY THANKS.



 What a trip! What a story and what a great family!

As you have seen on earlier postings, the rescue dog George “unlucky with a lot of luck” (?)

He was found nearly starved to death in Southern Italy, with 40-60 ticks all over his body, broken leg and hip. Family Funk brought him in to their warm home and helped him back into life and love. A couple of months later the Family Mattsson-Mercer drove him up from Italy to Germany and noticed later that  he had some other problems. Veterinarian Martina did x ray, and ultrasound. It showed that he had stones in his bladder.
George rested and got medicated at Mattsson-Mercer home for a couple of weeks. Until yesterday (Sunday)

 His lovely family, Jacquie and Nato Mike with their love Boxer Bella came down to Stuttgart and picked him up. They are warm and genuine people with their hearts and heads on the right places.

George we are many that will miss you, but we smile when we read your updates from your new five star home in Germany.

That’s Amore.



 Since we left Napoli and came up to Germany George started to limp more and didn’t look happy in his eyes. One morning I saw some blood in his urine. George and I went to Veterinarian Martina, a great warm very skilled vet and I was amazed that they also treat their clients with homeopathic items and acupuncture.

 The examination showed that something inside George was painful and hurting. I also wanted an x-ray on his old injury, he had been hit by a car very badly. He was found by Pat Funk in a garbage pile looking like a skeleton, infested with ticks and full of worms. The family Funk fostered him for a couple of months and now Mia with family brought him up to Stuttgart. He was soon going to go to his new family but before that we needed to figure out what is wrong.

 X-rays, since I want the family to know what kind of old injuries George had. And frankly, my curiosity was enormous too. The staff at the clinic was amazing, kind and very thoughtful towards George, and Mia with her camera.

 His spine is very nice, but as you can see his legs bone was broken in two, and healed very badly on its own. Too old of a wound to do anything with now.

 Look at his right leg and left leg, you can see the bad broken leg. Also the broken spots on the pelvis which are healing.

 Well Dr. Maritna is very good, if we don’t find anything on the x-ray we will search with the ultra sound. And Mia was happy since she wants all the facts on the “table” winning time. His prostate is great but something may be wrong with the bladder. We had a urine test made and there was a lot of bacteria.  Monday we are going back to make another examination.

George was a super boy. You can see on his back leg that he is not laying ok. Todd (Mia’s husband) is madly in love with George and Dr Martina also said “He is a good boy!”

He is a big Amore guy, who loves his warm blankets and food. He is more an inside boy than outside. 



 George is going from Napoli Italy to beautiful Germany. Valerie the rescue and foster mom have been taking excellent good care of George.

 AWL will make sure that George will get the best VIP transportation back up. His “sister” Bella a super sweet Boxer, cannot wait to met him. The family is a wonderful couple, and we know them that is why we can say :”That’s Amore.”



 Today Angy took Ombra to Dr Damiani for an updating health check, new blood test.

 George that was recently castrated, also visited Dr Damiani with foster-mom Valerie.

Our beautiful Gaby is getting her shots up to date and being prepared for adoption. Got a stay healthy and lovely.

Thank to all you who support and donates to AWL, we can help save life’s, without you…we are nothing. That’s True Amore.