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Finally, Nonna (grandma) Maria is now up in Germany at the Mercer Senior Sanctuary. That are wall to wall to a home and 24/7 always someone home to look after and care.

We got 6 seniors and one Sven. Sven is young but suffering a lot from seizures. Last Friday night to Saturday morning, did he have 23 seizures. Emergency and two sleepless nights. (more updates later)

However, Nonna Maria is now here, our wonderful old lady from the Hospice in S Italy. She was found on a field last year, starved and in very bad condition. She is wonderful, let me tell you that.

More updates during the day!

That’s Amore!

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Dear members,
AWL, NALA, and TNR are combining our resources to help 4 dogs that are currently abandoned in a boarding kennel here in Naples. Bella, Lilly, Vivian, and Miss Mamie/Rosie.
I must first ask that everyone please refrain from making negative comments. We all feel the same way; we want to stomp our feet, yell at the top of our lungs, scream bad words and place blame…NONE of this will resolve the situation and help the dogs.

Here’s a summary of the story that began in May of this year:

The owner did not make plans for the dogs. A plea was made and an animal lover stepped in. However, things were not as they seemed. The owner PCS’d from Naples, the animal lover spent their own time and money on vet fees, kennel fees, paperwork, etc. The paperwork was not able to be completed because of August holidays in Italy. The shipping was going to total $10,000. The owner did not and does not have the money. The animal lover, although willing to help financially, was not and is not able to spend that large sum of money for an irresponsible owner. I wrote to the owner’s prior Naples command and there is nothing that the command can/will do.

Fast forward to today:

FORTUNATELY, the kennel owner still has the dogs. The kennel fees have been accumulating since 17Aug. The cost of the kennel is €20 a day for the 4 dogs. I will meet with the kennel owner this coming week to see if this is a package price or is it €5 per day per dog.

As of 07Sep, the total owed to the kennel is €420. In order to help these dogs, the kennel fees need to be raised, foster homes and/or permanent homes need to be found. The amount needed for the kennel increases by €20 each day.

All of the dogs are female, spayed, and micro-chipped. The microchips will be able to be changed to the new owners. I do not know much about each dog’s age and temperaments as I have not yet met the dogs. When I meet with the kennel owner, I will meet the dogs for the first time and take current photos. The only photo I have available is the one posted and I do not know how old it is.

AWL has room at their Hospice for Miss Mamie/Rosie but the kennel must be paid before we can take her.

Any and all help is needed and appreciated. Donations/foster home/adoption

Donations can be made via Paypal on AWL’s website or here on the blog at – please comment “Four girls” so the funds will be earmarked for these specific dogs.

Thank you
Mia-AWL, Angela- NALA, & Trina-TNR



Mullet went to the vet Dr. Fransesco to have a health check and castration. He is according to the vet 5 years old (+-) loving and very social. We would love to find a home for him, or to start with a foster home or the lady that rescued him will have to put him back out again on the streets.

Normally we need 2-3 weeks to find a permanent home since we want to make a thorough check first before deciding. We never like to be hasty. Could you help us?



(see earlier blog about Benjamine)

Jackie and I linked up at the gas station to give Benjamin “part 3” in his life. From being hurt and scared by people who thought he was horrible looking. Then treatments. Then back to the gas station but this time in a kennel.
And now, a foster home. Gayle thanks for opening your warm garage with his own entrance out to the garden, –for Benjamin. You could tell he was so thrilled for his new chapter in life.

I was so amazed to see that more fur had growned out on top of his back already. That was an Amore joy. Good luck Tutte due, and I will keep you all posted.



Stephen and his wife found a chihuahua mix on a garbage bag by the side of the road. They took him in to a veterinarian because he has a growth on his lip that turned out to be cancer. The vet said 160 euro to put him down or 200-300 euro for surgery. But the vet didn’t do an examination, it was just cold fact.

Through a co-worker/friend, Keegan, they contacted AWL and asked if there were anything we could do? Pogge (sp?) is a warm-hearted, happy dog. He eats wet can food, and snuggles and plays. He has been someone’s pet before. They believe he was dumped, and some vets have told me that can be the truth in many cases, since it is expensive to put a dog to sleep or surgery. Owners will cast off a sick or injured dog, rather than paying either price to do the right thing.

The second vet said they could not do a surgery as it was too difficult because the cancer was on the lip. He was rude, even people in the room reacted over how they got treated (the dog and couple).

The couple was upset. Even if they haven’t had this dog since puppihood, they have become very attached to him. When you are attached to something you don’t want people to be “cold”. So off to the third and last veterinarian, and this afternoon I expect to have a call, “What to do with Pogge!”

AWL thanks Stephen and his wife for stopping, bringing him in and doing what’s best for Pogge.

Keegan for being the middleman, guiding them to us. Jackie, for the towels that help Pogge relax in and dry off the blood from his mouth.

You guys are wonderful, you’ve got your heart were its supposed to be. AMORE

A Dog That Needs You


AWL is searching for a “rehab” foster home for this sweet female. Her two back legs are probably broken. We have arranged to pick her up from the shelter were she has been for three (3) years.

We’ll transfer her to a veterinarian clinic for examination, x-ray and if necessary…surgery. What we need is a calm, loving foster home for her to recover in. Recovery time is hard to tell, it can be everything between 2 weeks to 6 months that she needs proper care, rest and love. She will give you so much back, she is the sweetest, kindest, loving dog I have ever met.

Lindy brushed her, bathed her, and even cut her claws. She only loved sitting there in the grass being seen, touched and talked to.

Please put your own needs to the side, open your door for someone that needs healing love.

Tigers Progress


Photos Vania Lamanna (c) 2009

Remember Tiger, that was labeled aggressive and the family got the advise to let Tiger out by an animal organization? According to his foster mother he is progressing very well.

“I think we have progressed as much as we are going to progress with him though-my guess is he will calm down within a year or 2, he is still a young cat and full of energy, the best home would be someone who has a garden for him to take out some of that energy-he goes nuts cooped up in the small apartment. “

“Again, not suited for a family with young children-not unless they have been taught how to respect animals and give them their space and distance. “

“I wish someone Italian would take him in and keep him, then he would get used to the one family and be able to bond fully with them. He’s sweet, even though destructive-we bought some glass from venice(I love hand blown glass)and left it in the box, until he leaves we won’t bring it out. Can you imagine him with a Christmas tree????!!!!!!he’d be the angel on the top, haha!!” Vania