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This is honey! She had a rough start in life. Abandon and according to her wounds, locked up left to die.

Our wonderful AWL volunteer Nicky Mormino was out walking when she saw this poor little thing. Nicky didn’t hesitate to take her and rich her to our veterinarian Dr.Damiani. In this Campania area they estimate that the number of strays are over 75.000. And all animal lovers homes are filled with rescue animals.

Honey is around 6-7 months old and is now resting out and getting treated and a lot of love and food, everything she need in an American family home.

We will keep you updates. 


Cyrus would love to be an only dog, someone’s center of attention! He wants to play with other dogs, but can be dominant and needs to learn social manners.
Towards humans he doesn’t display any resource guarding and is generally submissive, but needs someone who has dog experience to provide the training he needs.
As a working breed, huskies in general are like teenagers; they think they know everything ( you have to persuade them that you know best), they are escape artists but ultimately they just want to be with their pack.
If you are interested in FOSTERING or ADOPTING Cyrus, He is currently in Germany but can be transported. please e-mail



 Ones, she was someone’s dog! 
Luna was chained and abuse while being strapped to a chain. She couldn’t escape to defend herself. Luna was trapped by the brutality, from a humans hand. She was going to die anyway, since she have a heart failure and they didn’t give her any medications. 

Luna is a gorgeous German Shepard only 2 years old.

She was “rescued” to one of the horrible shelters, locked into a cage. One volunteer couldn’t bear to see this beautiful dog dying inside that cage. Despite being neglected and abused Luna is so full out of love and gratefulness. Flavia the volunteer asked if we AWL could help her if she fostered Luna.
You see, Luna is probably not going to have long time left here on Earth. The shelter veterinarian said, maybe 6 months.
AWL wants to help with the sponsoring of medicine/food and I would love if we could sponsor a second opinion of her heart issue. Think if?

Luna needs food and special medicine. Our veterinarian would cost 100 euro to hire a heart specialist. Medicine 150 euro/

Luna deserves a life like she has now, with a lot of love, dog friends, free in a garden and medication.

Please help us help Luna to have the best time in her life. She so deserves it.

Swedish account PG: 53 61 62-1 BG: 476-9246
And we have PAYPAL here on this blog a big sign DONATE. Please earmark LUNA

That’s Amore!



 Monday Love Project!

This beautiful puppy is Bia. She is only 4 months old and will grow up to a medium/large size dog.
Bia and a group of stray dogs lives behind a church close to our volunteers Martina and Pio in Southern Italy.
They go there and feed the dogs and at the same time keeps an eye on them. Last Saturday they notices that Bia stood totally still and her hind leg was “dangling”.
Bia was rushed to Dr Damiani and Dr Fransesco.

Poor Bia has a broken femur, a really bad break. Dr Damiani applied a plaster Bia cannot go back on the road, of course! She need a foster mom or a family that can take care of her forever.
At this moment she is a guest in Martina’s and Pio’s house.

We need your help to help us help Bia get back to happiness and health. Please we are in big need of donations, for her medical care and later sterilization.

 Please ear mark your donation with the name Bia.