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Oscar the "It"


Animals Without Limits is not laying on the sofa, eating Bon-Bons! This morning at 06.30 Oscar’s foster mother Gordana dropped him off at Ylva’s place, and his playmate Wilma.

At 09.00 I escorted him to the vet clinic for castration.

Our happy Amore goof is becoming “it”, just like many of us.

A day of mixed results.


The frustration continues with trying to find the owner of “Oscar”, the Dalmatian we found emaciated this past week. After calling Germany, Canada, the USA, The Netherlands and of course Italy, I was able to track the micro-chip back to the manufacturer (Bayer) in Milan, who sold it to a veterinarian in Naples (ah ha!). Unfortunately, that Vet. had no record of who purchased the micro-chip (uh, isn’t that the whole purpose of micro-chipping in the first place?) But wanted me to bring the dog to them and they would continue to check!


So, no answer yet on who the owner is/was, and without that, we can’t have him neutered, vaccinated, or anything. Its frustrating to say the least.

On the other hand, our efforts ended well with placing “Oscar” into a loving foster home. This family was a dog family, but lost their beloved companion to aggressive Cancer last Christmas. So, now until we find a “forever home” for “Oscar”, these great people will nurse him back to health for whoever eventually winds up with this great soul.

Its almost like “Oscar” knows he is in good hands now, too. While he didn’t seem too enthusiastic when I picked him up at the Vet’s, when we got to the foster family, he brightened right up. He started to act almost like a puppy, albeit one that is still severely malnourished and living in an adult dog’s body

Here is a picture of Stephanie and Oscar at their first meeting. Doesn’t it look like they’ve been together forever?

Special thanks to Stephanie and her family for opening their home and hearts to this special Dalmatian in need of extra Amore.