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What is Honor?


Our recent trip to feed the dogs at an area shelter brought me face-to-face with this lovely lady (the one to the left).

Clearly old, slow moving, maybe hard of hearing. Possibly addled from the confusion and frustration of being incarcerated with 70 other yapping, barking, wailing dogs.

She very much reminded me of my own Tjojs: the heart still willing, but the body wearing out and that causing frustration and saddness.

I knew immediately that I wanted to provide this lady a proper final time on this earth.

My estimate is that in her current living conditions, or where the authorities will put her when she is taken from the current shelter, is less than 3 months. With luck, and love, we could possibly give her over 6 months, and a condition fitting for such a matriarch.

Current drama and the ongoing situation is complicating things to make this happen. Still, there is a chance, and we will work to make it happen.

Please keep “Lupa” and AWL in your Amore prayers.

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Drama Without Limits….what a week it was last week and in away it still is.

I say it again and again, if I could just work with the dogs I would be so happy.

Well, that is not just true, there are some people I love to work with. But I cannot work with drama queens, they are like insecure dogs….howling and talking too much about what other people should do or not do, and nothing gets done. It makes me crazy.

I try to value my time since I have to divide it between so many people, and animals. When I try to cut the meetings short, some can think I am rude.

Many ask me how I can do everything I am doing, my answer to that is: anyone can do it if they get off the phone and plan their day. One will be amazed how much they can do in just a 2 hour mission a day.

I love going out on missions with the AWL veterinarian, she is quiet and observes the strays, and learns about them by “only” watching.

I love going on missions with my daughter Olivia who is 3 years old. She never wastes any time on talking about how terrible this world is….she is observing and solving, with a beautiful view from a young Amore perspective.

To all you who ask me I can only say this; talk less, get information by listening, and then solve problems with team work.

The best hunters are the silent ones! That is so Amore true.
Drama Without Limits….Che settimana !!! la settimana scorsa e ancora lo e !lo dico di buovo e di nuovo ,se potessi lavorare solo con i cani sarei cosi contenta. o non e completamente vero , ci sono anche delle persone con le quali amo lavorare. Ma non riesco proprio a lavorare con “dramaqueens ” sono come cani insicuri. Abbaiano soltanto dicendo cosa dovrebbero fare gli altri invece di fare qualcosa da soli. Parlano soltano e cosi non si fa niente. Questo mi fa uscire matta. Io cerco di valutare il mio tempo, di dividerlo tra cosi tanti animali e persone. Quando cerco di tenere il discorso korto tendo a sembrare magari un po rude. Molti mi chiedono come faccio a fare tutto, la mia risposta a loro e : tutti possono fare se mettono giu il telefono e se si mettono invece a organizzare la loro gornata. Si sorprenderanno d quanto tempo avranno al loro disposizione. in due ore al giorno si puo fare tanto ! Amo uscire e fare missioni con il veterinario di AWL lei e silenziosa , osserva e impara solo guardandoli. Amo andare a fare missioni con la mia piccola figlia Olivia che ha solo 3 anni. Lei non sprecca mai tempo parlando di quanto sia terribile il mondo. Lei osserva e cerca di risolvere nel suo modo. Con l amore di una bambina piccolina.A tutti voi posso dire questo ; Parlate meno , prendete informazione ascoltando altri , e poi risolvi con teamwork!
I migliori cacciatori sono quelli silenziosi!
That is so Amore true.

Pet Adoption Drama Queens


Reasons have been many why I haven’t gotten a chance recently to write on my blog every day as I normally do.

Finally some things have been solved, and some have to be followed up. It’s been busy on my phone from some drama queens about their adopted dog(s) –even if we do not have adoption as our priority number one mission. We are working with animals’ health, that is our number one priority.

Some disappointed “drama” phone calls with high-drama in their voice — they cannot handle the dog they brought into their home a couple of weeks or months ago!

I cannot help smiling a little in the middle of frustration, they are calling me — who has 6 dogs and 2 small children and a giant house — oh I forgot to mention my husband, too. The expectation they have is for me to drop everything and go and get the dog that is taking up their time and house.

I understand that it takes time, sure I do, mopping the floor twice a day….but what I don’t get is how their thought process is working when they bring in the dog for the first time to their home? Where did the joy go walking the dog, having a friend, someone that is always happy when you return home?

I have never in my life heard so many people complain and seem to be expecting the stray(s) to be thankful to them for bringing them in a home!

Instead of helping to solve their problem with them, they expect Animals Without Limits to solve their problem (not the dog who is having a problem adjusting to these people that first claimed to love them and now see them only as a burden). Its amazing those that have adopted with the support or assistance of AWL, think that AWL owes them something special when it isn’t “happily ever after”. And everyone wants to discard the dog, not modify the environment to adapt to the new reality. Does anyone ever blame the priest or reverend, or seek some sort of special treatment from the church when their marriage ends in divorce???

In other news, we haven’t found the owner to the Dalmatian “Oscar” yet, but he is doing fantastic at his foster home.

Stop whining and help out solving the problem and we can have more Amore time for so many other things. No one likes drama queens!