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Our sweet VITA was escorted to Dr Damiani clinic for health test and new blood work. Our volunteer Angy drove her and Dr Longo was there to assist to our little sick VITA.

Results, waiting.



Once again, she came to visit us! A wonderful AWL supporter, and a true friend, she flew in to have a couple of days vacation. From her vacation resort she took a taxi 2 hours to come and visit our hospice.

Our wonderful, loyal animal supporter and friend Tracey. All the way from Los Angeles, she wanted to see us. Despite our selfish desire to have her with us longer, and in our sadness, she could only stay one day.

But what a woman! How many would do this?

She also was a lovely courier. Her ex-husband Craig Kleber, donated $2000 dollars, and Tracey brought the check.

(The money is in memory of Robyn Wire, per Craig’s wish)

We love to have Tracey here, everyone loves her from Olivia and Max to all the hospice animals, to of course me.

We thank you Tracey for your loyal, loving support. You embody true Amore and also Craig.



Nicolle and Jason who foster all the 9 puppies linked up with me at Dr Damiani’s clinic for a health check.

All 4 boys and 5 girls were very healthy.

Dr. Longo and Ass. Roberta listen to their hearts, checked mouth and walk. The fur balls are only 5-6 weeks so we are waiting with the vaccinations.

Then Kiki Joy got her bandage taken off, and now she “only” has an infected ear. She is such a good girl, 15 years old.

Zara was arguing with other dogs on the other side of the fence, and her foot got caught. She pulled so hard that her toes needed to have plenty of stitches. My oh my!

Our sweet heart Spencer (girl) got her stitches removed after the sterilization. Now she is ready for a loving forever home. She is like a cat. When you lift her up she loves to stand on your shoulders. And in bed she curls up like a cat. The children adores her, and so do I.

And the last client of the day. Shiloh had gotten a “secret object” in her paw it was swollen and painful, but she was a trooper.
I can tell you that AWL is not still for one minute, always on missions. That’s Amore!



Frank did not do very well yesterday so I drove him in to see Dr Longo at Dr Damiani clinic. He was in pain and discomfort and still is his body having some infection from the past.
He got sedated and his scar could be washed really well.
Nicolle and her husband Jason were kind to stop by and help. Since I had two other clients waiting in my car.

And also needed a help wrapping Frank up. I was glad when Dr Longo agreed with me that Frank should stay over night.
It is a painful road, but many of us are not used to see behind the veterinarian walls. But this is the reality. Thank you for all your support, and still we need more donations for Frank so we can give him the very best treatment that he deserves. That’s Amore!



You could read about Contessa on one earlier blog. Contessa is now at our hospice recovering. She gets to sleep inside, on a bed and with her own pillow; fantastic nutritious food with extra vitamins for old, abused dogs. She can be alone and rest. No longer in a 400 dog shelter, in a cage on a concrete floor were no one sleeps. Shelters here are like prisons! As an inmate, you have to stand guard: over your bed, your food — others can come and attack you–they want your space.

She was breathing heavy at the veterinarian clinic, but that is understandable too. The shelter, as horrible as it is, is her only safety zone she knows of, she doesn’t understand the future, only the past.

Now since Thursday she is up on her legs walking and have met the other hospice kids, and it went very well. Calm and easy!

However, her blood test didn’t come out great. She is anemic, and her liver test is lousy.

Monday, we have scheduled an x-ray and ultra sound appointment at 16.30 to see how her inner body looks like. If she is full of cancer, we will have to take another direction.

She is not in pain, probably some discomfort, but we are giving her eye drops at least 5 times a day to keep the “eye” moistened, and thus not too annoying for her. It is how it looks like that gives other people “pain” its ugly and its nasty. When we see something that looks horrible we want to take it away, it hurts our stomach, our inner feelings.

We are not keeping clients that are in pain alive just for the sake of being alive, that is against our beliefs. But we believe in giving one a chance if the there is hope and no undue suffering. Together with experienced veterinarians, we decide what is best for our clients, even if it looks ugly. That’s Amore!

Thank you Dr Longo and Dr Alexandria, also want to thank Martina and Pio.


Surely you remember Oscar who was being fed by Lynn (UK) who contacted AWL for help because she noticed Oscar was an older gentleman and his eyes looked grey. Mia took him to an eye specialist who is from Napoli, but working at a clinic in Roma. Different examinations were made and to see if there was an infection behind the cornea, a yet more advanced examination had to be made.

Oscar couldn’t be put out on the street again. As an older gentleman we wouldn’t know when or if he would become blind. Trina became his foster mother and she has made beautiful adoption fliers . We wanted to do the eye examination that could tell us more about his sight — and future.

I talked with and made an appointment with Dr Alexandria and Trina brought him there. She is the one taking these lovely pictures, like the one above of Oscar kissing Dr Alexandria.

Ahhhh, lovely drugs kicking in!

Top team Dr Alexandria and Dr Longo always provide excellent treatment. AWL thanks them for helping the strays — giving them a second chance. Trina, you are amazing, working hard to help Oscar to find “the home” and I know you paid for his vaccination and microchip, and driving him to the vet clinic. Lynn for sponsoring with 1/3 for the eye examinations and AWL paid 2/3.

You are wonderful helping the strays and for understanding that with team work we can do magic!



My SUV is still at the repair man and since we had to order special parts from the States I don’t know when I can get it back. I have to tell you, I miss my SUV so much. Rescuing strays in the smallest FIAT is kind of funny though.

Today Olivia and I picked up three dogs in my rent car FIAT and we really looked funny with dogs everywhere, Capri, Phillipo and Scooby.

All three got safe to Dr Damiani’s clinic, and Dr Loungo took care of them and all the paper work that needs for their up coming Swedish passports. Blood test and leishaminiosis were made.

Back home, 19 lovely dogs were waiting for their treatments, and Olivia took care of sweet ABBY. What a sweaty day full of dog hair and Amore.