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Bruno is a sweet hunting dog between 5-6 years-old. He was spotted by Tammy and Deb, two animal friends through their car window. They saw him trying to find human contact, but the man he had chosen kept swinging his fist, hitting towards the dog. Tammy and Deb went out and asked if it was his dog–no it wasn’t and he didn’t know anyone owning the dog. The women opened the door to their car and in flew “Bruno”

They drove him to LegaProAnimale were Dr Gigi took care of him, castrated and de-wormed. He had an old fracture on his front left leg and a big scare over his back. He had probably been hit by a car and got caught under the car… dragged. Then it started to heal on its own.

Bruno was just skin and bones. His long front claws shows also he has been chained up. Three days later I went out to the clinic to pick up another dog. I peeked in Bruno’s box and fell madly in love. This goof has so much love and play, I took him with me in the car, back to the hospice.

He is together with three males, and loves going in the car (slight problem to jump in due to his shoulder break) he loves going for a walk and he loves my children. He will be a perfect family dog for some special, lucky family.

Thank you Tammy and Deb for sponsoring his bills, thank you AWL for taking care of him, that’s Amore.

If you are interested in Bruno please contact us, but only if you are truly deserving of this fellow’s affection and loyalty!



I had promised myself to cut down on working, of course Hospice full speed but not rescuing, I need a break. First in the morning I took Boss our Great Dane rescue to go to the ASL dog catching veterinarian clinic to have the microchip ownership changed. It is something that has been on my “to do list” for a long time, but there is always something else coming in between.

My husband was kind to help me lift this 75 kg boy into my SUV. Since Boss has bad hips he doesn’t jump, he digs his paws down into the ground and freezes into a heavy statue.

He is a sweet heart in the car, he sits and small talks the whole way. He did great.

Tammy our animal friend has been busy feeding this beautiful lady Husky “Contessa.” She is young, wonderful, sweet, good in the car. Tammy took her to LegaPro Animale, and they are keeping her there to be spayed and de wormed. AWL is taking care of the bills, thanks to your donations. We can manage to have her there for 3 days, then she has to be released back on the street if no one can foster or adopt her.

Contessa is a very smart, calm, gentle female. She fell asleep in the car, exhausted after probably being dumped and trying to survive on the streets.

Our favorite veterinarian Dr Gigi. He always has a smile and a calm voice while treating the animals.

Getting ready. Saturday she is being released back on the street if no one can step up and give her a warm bed and a home. She is a fantastic dog, it breaks our hearts.

So I am driving home to take care of our 19 dogs and some yard work. I am ashamed how neglected my own dogs are. They always hear “wait. wait.”

Close to our gate I spot a small little dog, running scared, trying to avoid being hit by several cars that are honking angry at this poor thing. I could see the dog was not street smart at all, panicking.

A couple of cars are parked and some guys are standing talking. Now the dog is up by them trying to get some eye contact, but they are ignoring her.

Instead of closing my eyes and ignore it, I jump out. She puts her little head in my hand. No microchip, no collar, no spay tattoo on stomach.

In my SUV and out to LegaPro Animale.

I know how busy they are but they were nice to take her in and have her spayed. Ms Maple will be picked up Monday and if no one can give her a home (foster or forever) we will have to release her back to the streets.

She is young, 1 to 1-1/2 years old, great in the car, I could carry her she said nothing. Great at the vet. Ms Maple is a sweetheart.