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 Pepe a young and handsome male followed one of our volunteers home. We think that every strays in that area knows the love and wonderful life at Valeries house.  He was taken to Dr Fransesco at Dr Damiani Clinic to be castrated. He was such a good boy.

 Even in the car he was acting like a true star.

He is BiG and a young sweetheart. Very beautiful. He would be great in a family together with another trained dog for him to read off of. He is a fast learner

We might think he was abused! Just doesn’t like yelling, then he hides by the door.

Never a growled.

Needs some training, super smart. Good with cats, dogs, kids (although isn’t mindful of his big goofy size).

Knows only after a couple of days sit, come and is learning to walk on a leash
He is a wonderful, happy dog, that follows your instructions when you say please and I love you.

 Would you adopt me?

 I admire everyone that comes my way!

Few accidents in the home. But hey, I am learning what it means to be an indoor dog!

That’s Amore



Mullet went to the vet Dr. Fransesco to have a health check and castration. He is according to the vet 5 years old (+-) loving and very social. We would love to find a home for him, or to start with a foster home or the lady that rescued him will have to put him back out again on the streets.

Normally we need 2-3 weeks to find a permanent home since we want to make a thorough check first before deciding. We never like to be hasty. Could you help us?



 This is a super fighter girl!
 She is fantastic, amazing and beyond the words I can find to say about her.  As you could read on earlier blogs about Colomba, she was picked up from one horrible shelter and was sick. She had been there for 7 long years. She went in for emergency surgery her uterus was bleeding and had to be removed. After that she was the wonder dog again. She is always happy wagging her tail, loves her own room with bed and comforts (no dogs are in cages)

Then a couple of days ago she didn’t want to eat and she got a fever. She was rushed to Dr Damiani’s clinic and an ultra sound was done. Internal bleeding.

Dr Fransesco was called in (22 december) to assist the surgery.

 For several hours they worked on this 15 year old girl. Yes Dr Damiani and the team knows and are extremely upfront to tell us if the dog is suffering, or….if she would be full off cancer.

 This was taken out, tumor and the spleen. It will be sent for examination so we can know more about the “alien” looking thing.

Colomba is back at the hospice and doing wonderful. Thank you Dr Damiani & Dr Fransesco for saving her life, despite Christmas closing and with all the Christmas stress they went in and saved our Colomba.

That’s Amore!



This morning did the volunteer team notice something was strange with our Colomba, a note was being made. Martina went there in the afternoon and realized something was really wrong. In her little red Fiat she rushed Colomba to the Dr Damiani clinic (Dr Fransesco in background)

She is suffering from pyometra, and since she already is not very strong after several years in a cage, under weight and old she is in a very big danger. Right now she is under a lot of fluid and antibiotic.  Keep your love, prayers and thoughts going for her. We will keep you updated as often as we know anything.

In the papers it says she is sterilized, but we can tell you she is not– a uterus never lies!

Our love Colomba.



 Our client Stella Bella is not doing so well. She has been with us for a long time at the hospice. She started to cough and was brought by Angelina to Dr Fransesco. She got a xray today and it looks like she got lung edema. Water in her lungs and has to stay at the clinic.

She got a problem with her heart but her cough is not caused by that.
It’s a respiratory infection, a sort of bronchitis.
Stella is now on antibiotic and anti-inflammatory for some weeks and then she should be better. Keep your paws for our loving Casa dell’Amore Mascot.

Angy thank you, also a big thank you to Dr Damiani and Dr Fransesco and The Dr Cardiologist

 Thank you all for your support and loving thoughts to Stella Bella.