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Food Donation to Miracle


donation food Equiva Horb.jpeg


What a Christmas Miracle.

A big thank you to Frau Eipeer and Frau Schwab, at the horse store Equiva in Horb, Germany. Miracle received 100 kg horse food. What a great Christmas Present.



Danke Danke Danke!

AWL Action Run Amazin Result


 Tack alla ni som sponsrade AWL #actionrun skapat av Tove Karlsson, Sanne Stenbeck och Sebastian Winskog.

Underbara ni, ett totalt pa 13,990 kr   
Minna Lind
Erik Jonsson 
Ingrid Nordstrand
Carola Madrell
Britt-Marie Åhlund
Rebecka Lind
Tove Karlsson 
Ulla-Marie Linders 
Madeleine Bohman 
Katarina Reti 
Eva Styrvoldt
Björn Karlsson 
Charlotte Karlsson 
Margareta Karlsson
Josefin Carlsson 
Camilla Lagerman 
Ann-Katrin Brokvist 
Melinda Hartner 
Marilyn E Limin 
Ida Dahlman 
Christopher Shooroi 
Emma Grönfeldt 
Ida H Karlsson 
Jonas Fors 
Solveig Qvam 
Britt-Marie Ljungkvist 
Lisa Jansson 
Marie Timmersjö 
Maja Landvik 
Mariella Valencia Vogel 
Jesper Kroon 
Ann-Christine Hansson 
Marie Lewen Carlsson 
Joanna Romgard 
Jesssica Söderberg 
Lena Andersson 
Carolin Undin 
Ingela Bäck 
Anreas Lillerud 
Ola Strömberg 
Elisabeth Kruse
Natalie Högberg 
Else Marie Pedersen – 
Ulla Linders 
Birgitta Hladish –
Christina Platou – 
Ylva Drougge Mercer 
Maria Hahne 
Ulla & Henrik 
Uppdateringar pa pengarnas ändamål kommer (veterinärvärd och matdonationer)
Annu en gang, tack alla for Erat engagemang.
Thats Amore!

Craig Kleber a True Santa to the Animals

We recieved a wonderful Christmas Gift from our wonderful Animal Friend, Craig Kleber,
” I am donating $1000 in memory of a dog who passed away that was rescued by Araceli Camacho  but also for your recent dog friend losses too, Joey’

                                                In memory of  unconditional love.


Little ‘ Dieguito’ was born on May 3rd, 2006 in Los Angeles CA in the humble home of the Camacho Family! He passed on, unexpectedly, November  20th, 2015. He was the second of 7 siblings. He was a joy to the Canacho home for 9 beautiful years! His unconditional love taught people around him many lessons. 
Being a dachshund type dog his body shape caused him to have a herniated disk and that led to his departure from this earth. His family did everything possible to make him better but it was nearly impossible! His pain and suffering was unbearable for him and those who treasured him. 
When it was time to let him go his caring mother, Araceli, held him until his last breath left his body and his spirit went to heaven. The Camacho family misses him so much yet they know that he is no longer in pain and at peace. As Araceli said to me “he will forever remain in our hearts! Dieguito we will always love you! “
Bless you Dieguito 

In memory the Happy Street Dog Joey

Joey was the happiest stray dog down in Campania, Italy. With his love and positive attitued he was loved by many Italians, Brits and Americans. He touched so many hearts.
I got a message from Carol Mander Yeomans asking if we could find Joey a home. Stray, getting older (not in his mind at all) winter was coming….I said yes we would find him a home.
Jolene Callahan took him into her home during the health check and passport (helped us great during that time it took, Thank you)
Joey came to me and he was wonderful, deaf, positive little guy. He had a tough stabile charisma that told the other dogs to accept him. And they did, right until the end heart emoticon
No one answered on Joeys adoption add. Maybe because he was black…maybe because there are millions of dogs searching for homes out there!
He was loved, so much loved….and I didn’t get to have you for a long time, but you are forever in my heart. 
Joey, you got your wish granted, to fall a sleep outside in “your” freedom with me by your side. 
Thank you my veterinarian Martina (Germany) for helping me with Joeys wish heart emoticon
Freedom Joey. I miss you so much. heart emoticon

That’s Amore
Mia Olivia Max
Thank you dear Craig Kleber for helping so many animals and remembering them even when they are gone. You are an amazing true Animal Friend that is making a huge difference for many broken lives.
Craig, a true inspiring man that makes promises come true, a four legged Friend can always trust him…and AWL.



 Remember in earlier blog we wrote about Miele. Our miracle dog that has inspired many people not to give up.

 GUESS WHAT??? I got a family  Yes its true!

I am forever thankful to all of youl. You invested time, love and donations in me. You believed in me and life. YOU didn’t turn away from me when I needed you the most. I am humble.
My foster family, took me in without a hesitation, even if they have plenty of dogs already, and working full time. They coached me, they believed in me. They knew.
Dr Vittorio, he never stopped believing in my healing process, he took in specialists, and what is most loving….he gave good
And now, I get to go to my own forever home. AWL know them since before and Mia have slept there many times, so she know that the food is great and bed comfortable and loving people and animals.
My foster family Pio and Martina know them very well too and want to drive me up. We which are working with rescuing know that we always are lacking money. AWL would like to sponsor my trip with 200 euro. (gas and road tolls) I’m going up North in Italy–pictures will be posted 
Please  and I love you all//Miele (Paypal or IWBank)



AWL would love to have you help us bagging at the Support Site (Italy )

The donations will go to have the spring puppies spay & neutered, like we did last year. 16 puppies!

We start at 10.00 to 19.00 However, you can decide how long you want to stay and help. Every minute is wonderful to met all the great people at the NEX.

So much fun! And, great opportunity for you who dislike watching animals in pain but want to help out in one way or another. Come and joins us!