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 We are so happy that Kino the Husky is now in his new home together with his American family here in Germany. WE wish him all our best together with mom, dad and cat.

 We were worried that Kino would chase the cat but it showed us how wrong we humans can be in our “narrow mind thinking”.
The cat chased Kino who was terrified. Sorry Kino we cannot help laughing.

Thank you Kino and family for your wonderful donation to our Hospice Casa dell”Amore down in Italy.

That’s Amore!


Our wonderful volunteer Raynelle,  picked up donations on the base that was given by Cristy Vance Barbee. And drove it to our Hospcie were she was being thanked by Nonna Maria, Stella and Cher.

Cat donations and balls, and pillows etc.

That’s Amore!



Dear members,
AWL, NALA, and TNR are combining our resources to help 4 dogs that are currently abandoned in a boarding kennel here in Naples. Bella, Lilly, Vivian, and Miss Mamie/Rosie.
I must first ask that everyone please refrain from making negative comments. We all feel the same way; we want to stomp our feet, yell at the top of our lungs, scream bad words and place blame…NONE of this will resolve the situation and help the dogs.

Here’s a summary of the story that began in May of this year:

The owner did not make plans for the dogs. A plea was made and an animal lover stepped in. However, things were not as they seemed. The owner PCS’d from Naples, the animal lover spent their own time and money on vet fees, kennel fees, paperwork, etc. The paperwork was not able to be completed because of August holidays in Italy. The shipping was going to total $10,000. The owner did not and does not have the money. The animal lover, although willing to help financially, was not and is not able to spend that large sum of money for an irresponsible owner. I wrote to the owner’s prior Naples command and there is nothing that the command can/will do.

Fast forward to today:

FORTUNATELY, the kennel owner still has the dogs. The kennel fees have been accumulating since 17Aug. The cost of the kennel is €20 a day for the 4 dogs. I will meet with the kennel owner this coming week to see if this is a package price or is it €5 per day per dog.

As of 07Sep, the total owed to the kennel is €420. In order to help these dogs, the kennel fees need to be raised, foster homes and/or permanent homes need to be found. The amount needed for the kennel increases by €20 each day.

All of the dogs are female, spayed, and micro-chipped. The microchips will be able to be changed to the new owners. I do not know much about each dog’s age and temperaments as I have not yet met the dogs. When I meet with the kennel owner, I will meet the dogs for the first time and take current photos. The only photo I have available is the one posted and I do not know how old it is.

AWL has room at their Hospice for Miss Mamie/Rosie but the kennel must be paid before we can take her.

Any and all help is needed and appreciated. Donations/foster home/adoption

Donations can be made via Paypal on AWL’s website or here on the blog at – please comment “Four girls” so the funds will be earmarked for these specific dogs.

Thank you
Mia-AWL, Angela- NALA, & Trina-TNR



Love, light and laughter were the big ingredient at the big Party held by wonderful friends Malte and Sabine von Vultejus.
A weekend up in North East Germany at the Country Hotel Loch Mill in the wine valley of Mayschoss the Ahr.  It’s a beautiful little town, with a lot of fantastic wine, and history.
Sabine and Malte were celebrating their 10thanniversary and 50th Birthdays in this romantic place.
I met Sabine and Malte during our Italian time; she was one of my first true friends. Her love for animals and spiritualism brought us together. With her, I always knew she was true, her honesty could sometimes be painfully true, but she always helped me grow as a person. Supporting and Loving. She told me some important words already back then; “You will always met the same person twice in life, make the best out of your meeting.” Even today, I hear those words inside my heart.
She and her great husband, Malte, decided to request their guest not give them any presents for their celebration, but instead they requested a donation to Animals Without Limits and another great animal assistance organization, Lega Pro Animale.
What a fantastic gesture!

We arrived Friday evening, and the BBQ was waiting at this fantastic hotel.   It was a great venue and location to renew old friendships, and make new ones.
The next morning after breakfast we all walked to the famous Ahr “inwinzer” Jean Stodden winery, for a tour and winetasting.

The main party, on Saturday evening was held on a terrace and all guests gathered for a welcome drink.  Sabine introduced AWL and even gave Lyme disease (Borrelia) a face in her introduction speech. I was so touched that of course when it was my turn to talk about AWL, everything I thought to say had disappeared. So, I spoke from my heart.
A gorgeous dinner room, romantic with silver chandler and round tables, colors in Burgundy and gold. A children’s table was set up in the same room, which only shows their love to bring everyone together, whatever the age.
Sabine and Malte, you are amazing friends and the biggest, purest hearts for all living creatures. Always with a smile, laughing when the children come shouting and chasing each other. Always a suggestion on what to do, never stress or irritation. To meet your family and friends made it a fantastic weekend and at Sunday morning’s breakfast, you announced that your thoughtful generosity in requesting donations instead of gifts, generated a total of 1500 euro for the two organizations!
My heart took some extra happy jumps, and for the AWL TEAM we all applaud you and Malte for the “grande Amore.”
That’s Amore



“Mr. Poe I never got to meet you in person, but I knew you well from all the stories and pictures Mia sent telling us all of your unique character. 
I felt you were a kindred spirit as I too am very grumpy and not always friendly. I loved you a lot and I did what I could to help you get better and find a forever home, which when you did I was overjoyed for you. Today, 6,000 miles away, when I read the news of your leaving us for your eternal life I cried because I lost a friend.
 I will miss you. But heaven will have its hands full with your charismatic little character. Things won’t be the same here or there, you are that special. God bless you Poe
Thank you to all who helped him at AWL, the volunteers and the doctors, and your family in Sweden”
                                             Craig Kleber, Brentwood, LA, USA

 Mr Craig Kleber donated 2000 dollar in Mr Poes Memory to his Hospice Friends at Casa dell’Amore



This is our Guardian Angel, Craig Kleber, our wonderful supporter from Brentwood Los Angeles, US. He has a big heart for animals, and especially those who doesn’t have an owner or isn’t well treated.

Actually there are some Italian blood in his veins.

Thank you Craig for such a great friendship. That’s Amore!



From Vincent Kleber, in memory came a generous Valentine donation. When Vincent were still together with his family Craig and Tracey, every day was Valentine. That’s Amore!

Thank you so much!

BROWN EYESIn early youth I made a vow
That if to Cupid I should bow,
The one for whom he aimed the dart
At my desired, unclaimed heart,
Must have brown eyes; large, soft brown eyes.
Time came when eyes looked into mine;
Large, soft brown eyes that seemed to shine
With intellect. Did I succumb?
Oh yes! for though the lips were dumb,
Those lovely eyes I deemed a prize.
Within their depths devotion shone,
And as they gazed into my own,
They seemed to say, “My love is thine.
Please let me know that I have thine.”
And Oh! I knew his heart was true.
My arms his snowy neck entwined,
And I rejoiced a love to find
So worshipful, so constant, true.
How oft they’ve thrilled me through and through,
My collie’s wise, large, soft brown eyes!