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What Kind of Language do the Animals Communicate in?


My column from Tidningen Nära

What Kind of Language do the Animals Communicate in?
Can a foreign dog from Italy understand the Swedish language when adopted in that country?
The brilliance of animals is that they can communicate in any language.
Animals talk in images and emotions. Its as if we would see a silent film that changes shades like a mood ring. They have clarity in what they are sending and do not send out different or contradictory signals as we humans can do. We can say one thing but mean something completely different.
Children and animals have the cleanest and clearest communication.
What is scientifically proven is, when animals communicate (or small children) they transmit images. These inner images are 0.4 seconds faster than our spoken words. We can think of something and often the animal perceives (or receives) it.
Body language is of course also a major factor in the whole process of communication, just as with humans. However, the animals must be required to learn not their own language but also the human language.
Giovanni was a small terrier abandoned in a shelter. I sat down beside him and felt a tremendous sadness flowing from the little dog. He had lost someone he loved!
The owner of the shelter nodded, and told me that the dog’s owner had died, but the remaining members from the family didn’t want him. I laid down next to him and was only in the moment.
I was later told where his master was buried, and I took the dog with me to the cemetery. Directly, Giovanni jumped out and began to sniff, and then moved up to the newly made grave.
Later Giovanni jumped into the car and his energy field had changed. Several days later, we could see a huge difference in his behavior. He ate, and he eyes sparkled again.
At the cemetery, I could “think” the emotions in peace and quiet while Giovanni picked up “pictures”. There was no one around that could interfere with us, with his or her negative feelings, or send pictures that they felt sorry for Giovanni. Pity turns into negative emotions and allows children and animals to translate them into a message of  “useless”. They feel like “no one likes me”.
A few days later Giovanni was adopted. His new energies attracted the new family, an elderly couple, like his former master.
Animal Language has no words; energies can speak all languages. If we are clean and clear in our thoughts and flow we then become understandable. Swedish as well as  Italian.
That’s Amore!
Mia Mattsson-Mercer

Shelter Sunday

Todays shelter day at Rosellas place. Nicky, Chris, Bianca, Lauren and Neil of course other wonderful volunteers spent Sunday helping out. Cleaning, brushing and loving up on those that sits behind bars.

Bianca was so happy to see Nicky again. Brushed and getting out to walk. Green grass, thats life.

King was found by a volunteer very sick and probably abused. He is doing progress and this time our volunteer could brush him. We want to adopt him and got a wonderful home. However, the rescue woman doesn’t want to adopt him outside Italian border.

We are heartbroken about this decision!

Puppy season!!!

Thank you all for making this Sunday special for the animals, and of course for all volunteers.

Meeting with Portugal Rescue Organisation


 For the first time I flew to Portugal, Lisbon to meet the organisation that are doing a lot of changes for the animals without a home or stuck behind bars. It was a pleasure meeting them and the veterinarian team behind the changes.

 It was heartbreaking to come to the shelter that is communal shelter. The smell, the cages the sad eyes, the hopeful eyes the hopelessness  My tears came but as I said, ‘its not a weakness to show tears as long as you want to do something to change the world’

 This is how they sit for years, alone. A 2 kg rat is passing in between the bars to eats some dogfood. No one goes in to them to pet, only a hose of cold water is being washed in splashing the dogs. No blankets, nothing. On weekends no one.

 I met a homeless dog that belongs to a homeless man. But they are rish they belong to each other and they got their freedom.

 Are these dogs normal in their head after years in these boxes?

 Many are! AWL flew out one girl that had been there for quiet some time. Another young dog that was being abandon by its owner.

 Thank you Mafalda and Raquel for showing me around!

 I flew with Lufthansa and what a wonderful trip back to Germany. So much love for the dogs.

I had Snuffle as a hand luggage and Arischa flew cargo. I was nervous for her. But everything went wonderful.

This is What we Do


 This is what we do; find, evaluate, treat, love, medicine, family

That’s Amore!
Look with your eyes, brain and heart heart emoticon not only eyes.
The year 2009We found her locked into a construction site. There were people but no one gave her food. I put on my black tights and black hood and got her out. She pooped grass.
I took her to a veterinarian who screamed that we had to euthanize this dog. It was probably full of diseases!
I don’t keep animals alive only to have them suffering, but I know that sometimes we have a tendency to look too much with our eyes.
The vet then said, this dog would cost a lot of money medical wise. It was cheaper to euthanize the dog.
I refused. My mind and heart said something else.
We changed veterinarian. Tests were being made…no diseases!
I found a family, a fantastic family.
They never had any excuses to leave her behind even if they moved around the world.
No excuse even when they got a child.
Still today, I get pictures of Brandy, she is aging full of love.
Thank you to all of you who dare to support AWL projects and missions. You are a big part of this story.
Thank you always to you Blessilda and Husband Simpson heart emoticon

Mia Mattsson-Mercer

Craig Kleber a True Santa to the Animals

We recieved a wonderful Christmas Gift from our wonderful Animal Friend, Craig Kleber,
” I am donating $1000 in memory of a dog who passed away that was rescued by Araceli Camacho  but also for your recent dog friend losses too, Joey’

                                                In memory of  unconditional love.


Little ‘ Dieguito’ was born on May 3rd, 2006 in Los Angeles CA in the humble home of the Camacho Family! He passed on, unexpectedly, November  20th, 2015. He was the second of 7 siblings. He was a joy to the Canacho home for 9 beautiful years! His unconditional love taught people around him many lessons. 
Being a dachshund type dog his body shape caused him to have a herniated disk and that led to his departure from this earth. His family did everything possible to make him better but it was nearly impossible! His pain and suffering was unbearable for him and those who treasured him. 
When it was time to let him go his caring mother, Araceli, held him until his last breath left his body and his spirit went to heaven. The Camacho family misses him so much yet they know that he is no longer in pain and at peace. As Araceli said to me “he will forever remain in our hearts! Dieguito we will always love you! “
Bless you Dieguito 

In memory the Happy Street Dog Joey

Joey was the happiest stray dog down in Campania, Italy. With his love and positive attitued he was loved by many Italians, Brits and Americans. He touched so many hearts.
I got a message from Carol Mander Yeomans asking if we could find Joey a home. Stray, getting older (not in his mind at all) winter was coming….I said yes we would find him a home.
Jolene Callahan took him into her home during the health check and passport (helped us great during that time it took, Thank you)
Joey came to me and he was wonderful, deaf, positive little guy. He had a tough stabile charisma that told the other dogs to accept him. And they did, right until the end heart emoticon
No one answered on Joeys adoption add. Maybe because he was black…maybe because there are millions of dogs searching for homes out there!
He was loved, so much loved….and I didn’t get to have you for a long time, but you are forever in my heart. 
Joey, you got your wish granted, to fall a sleep outside in “your” freedom with me by your side. 
Thank you my veterinarian Martina (Germany) for helping me with Joeys wish heart emoticon
Freedom Joey. I miss you so much. heart emoticon

That’s Amore
Mia Olivia Max
Thank you dear Craig Kleber for helping so many animals and remembering them even when they are gone. You are an amazing true Animal Friend that is making a huge difference for many broken lives.
Craig, a true inspiring man that makes promises come true, a four legged Friend can always trust him…and AWL.