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I got a phone call from an Animal friend Anna who told me about a man that kept his dogs locked inside in an empty house. Could AWL help?

We went there today and my gut feeling said that this wouldn’t be pleasant, and that was much more than correct. We arrived and the pictures are not even close to the reality, and you cannot smell the horrible smell. I gagged several times and I was the only one that walked into the house, the rest stood outside.

Ten lovely dirty dogs are locked in, some were really friendly some were scared and barked the whole time. Do I have to mention how dirty they were? Ticks were crawling up on my pants.

The rooms were filthy and they ate on the floor among the poop and pee. During the winter they do not come out at all.

On top of everything, the Governmental dogcatchers/veterinarian clinic have approved that he is keeping his dogs here. Not even those that are supposed to protect the animals are really protecting them.

This old man is paying half his pension a month — 250 euro — to keep his dogs in his house. He tells us he walks for an hour a day to get there.

He wants help to clean up the place! Do we have any Warriors out there that are not chicken to help this “Project Smelly?” For the dogs sake, please help!