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Food Donations

Last Saturday, AWL volunteers delivered 68 pieces of Pet food to the shelter of Caserta . 
Thank you AWL volunteers, Anthony Graybill and Sheila Coulter for helping deliver the food to the many hungry stomachs.
AWL is trying to help as many shelters as possible, but we have certain requirements:
#1 is that we are allowed to adopt dogs from the shelter to wonderful families (some shelters restrict adoptions!). There are some shelters that are scared about where the dog will end up, even if they know our fantastic work to find great families.  We always post pictures and updates on Facebook and send private messages to the volunteers, but some shelter operators get so attached to “their” dogs, they block adoptions to wonderful forever homes. 
#2 We also demand pictures of the donation be sent to us as a “receipt” and proof that the shelter got the donations.  I can’t overstate the importance of this.   The people and organizations that donate food want and deserve to see the results of their donation, and feel confident in their donation going where it is needed and promised. 
#3 it is a simple, common courtesy to thank those that help — at least that’s what our mom taught us.
Right now we work with three (3) shelters that are glad to meet these simple requirements.  We are always looking for more to help.
Albanien and another  organisation from North Portugal have contacted us.

You donations saves life! 

Welcome Beautiful Martina


AWL want to welcome a new wonderful volunteer to our team. As you can see on the picture she is a gorgeous dog friend from Italy but lives in Sweden right now.

Martina will help us with adoptions in Sweden and also translation. The best part is that she got family in the region were we help the animals. So, she knows already a lot about our work.

Welcome Martina Sweden

(today is her birthday….happy happy birthday)



From the singer Imma Allozzi : ALL the most important musicians and singers of Naples will be with me on stage! We’ll play all together and that’s the most amazing thing of my life! Music and charity will join in a great event. I still can’t believe it!”
Don’t miss this charity filled with LOVE♥ FOOD/DRINKS & MUSIC
SUNDAY 12th Oct at 19.00
Call your friends and ask/invite them, don’t just wait  Call NOW! –no email–



There are people with big heart(s). In the middle of their own stressful days takes a moment to think of the poor dogs destiny in Italy. The money are being earmarked for the Church dogs.
Our Guardian Angel, Craig Kleber from Brentwood, LA, USA sent a donation of 2000 dollar:
–Craig’s donation is in honor of St Roch patron of dogs Carmelo Vittorio Salvo his grandfather – he always had rescued dogs–
That’s Amore!