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Stella Nutella Loves Unconditionally


Why hurt someone whose only intention was only to love you.
Stella Nutella was a “happy” street dog.  She loved the people that fed her everyday, and gave her a pet or a belly rub now and then. Until that day when people started to build on the land she lived on. 
Many of her dog friends, disappeared, some got poisoned. Stella didn’t want to leave, she loved people so much. The workers started to throw rocks at her. 
Thats when I saw her……

Christmas Dog Presents


Christmas is around the corner. I think this is what I am going to do to my dog friends.

Share your ideas with us. We would love to read about them.

That’s Amore!

Mio My Mio Searching for a Home


 Napolitano, Italy. Mio can travel to Sweden or Germany….well…to the perfect home for him.

He is the sweetest thing, playful and happy. Loves people, other dogs and children. Preferable little older children since he is still a puppy.
Mio is 7 months old and his weight is 15 kg
He was left by his owner when they moved!!! Thanks to one wonderful animal friend he is safe but seeking his own home.
For more information please contact

Trust the Dog




 Our great animal friend Craig Kleber from Brentwood, LA, USA –I would like to call him our AWL Ambassador (or Saint), is one of a kind. He is following our cases with a big heart and passion. He is an amazing true animal friend. However, his love and care for animals doesn’t only go one direction.

Yesterday, AWL received this email and a donation check, 1000 dollar, in Cachito’s memory from Craig.
We (AWL) also want to send our respect and love to the Camacho family.
RIP Cachito
In the name of ‘Cachito’ (his guardians were the Camacho family) – a rescued dog who was loved by all who knew him. Cachito crossed the Rainbow Bridge last night after fighting illness, but he was surrounded by love and care so his journey started happily. He lived a long life on this earth and now will live forever with his doggie friends. I gave him some special treats and vitamins a few months ago and he wrote me a nice note on Saturday night that I want to share.
“Hi Mr. Craig, my name is Cachito. I am not feeling well. My sister Araceli and my mom have taken good care of me all of these years and I so thank them for all that and the happiness they have given me! I think my stay here will not be for long.”
Vaya con dios Querido Cachito



I’ve said all along, AWL is not an adoption agency. We are a rescue organization. But, because of our rescues, we end up in the mode of seeking qualified, quality homes for them when they are ready.
We have a lifelong responsibility to these dogs/cats, both a legal responsibility but more importantly an ethical and moral responsibility. When adopting a dog (or cat) via AWL we insist that you sign a contract after some time together with your knew friend. The contract demands that AWL must be informed and given FIRST CHANCE to take the animal back if you find you can’t/don’t want to keep your new family member. AWL must be part of any re-homing, because whomever you think you have found to take him/her from you MUST meet our screening and background requirements. The same goes for euthanization. We state clearly that any behavior problems you are having with the animal, we will work with you to resolve the problem(s)… but we can’t do that without your involvement and contacting us. And most importantly, without you meeting YOUR contractual obligations as stipulated in the contract YOU signed when you committed to your adopted dog or cat.
Bluntly put, if YOU can’t live with your obligations YOU will agreed to in the adoption contract, then DON’T ADOPT AN ANIMAL FROM AWL. We WILL bring violations of the terms of the contract to the attention of appropriate legal authorities and your chain of command.
Thank you
Mia Mattsson Mercer
President AWL