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Lindy and David worked on a small project, getting a storage together.

Yvonne and Mark gave some dogs exercise in the beautiful weather.

Olivia and Martina was holding a new sweet gentle Husky.

Phillipo got a new friend. She was left behind in an empty house when the person moved out. She is young but according to Yvonne is she really a good girl.

And of course the main reason why we drove out there. To unload my SUV with so many bags of dog food. Thank you everyone for making a difference, Mark, Lindy, David, Jackie, Yvonne, Olivia and Mia.

Mission Dog Walk


AWL are on their way for a small Mission today. 20 people walking dogs in the “500 dog shelter” And we also think there will be a TV recording and interview that will learn more about AWL work.

Keep your fingers crossed…..

picture taken last time by Dennis one of the great AWL volunteers

More Amore Doggie Walk


Andreas from Germany took one of the dogs outside. You can see how both are enjoying the time and view.

There are all sizes, this dog is “SquarePants”, so much to love.

One of the lucky puppies that got Amore from Cheryl.
Pictures: Copyright (c) 2009, Todd A. Mercer. All Rights Reserved.

Dog Walking


What a fantastic surprise, so many volunteers in my garden! A short briefing before driving to the shelter.
Handicapped dogs got to enjoy the life outside the cage too.
The young volunteers played and made so many rescue dogs happy and also surprised, with all the amore.

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Pictures: Copyright (c) 2009, Todd A. Mercer. All Rights Reserved.

Dog Walking Mission Success!


Big AWL thanks to every one of the approximately 70 people who showed up to walk the shelter dogs on Saturday, 1 August. What an amazing turnout! We I know the dogs really appreciated the exercise, attention and affection you all provided.

More information, follow up and pictures later. Just a super dog~human day.

Pictures: Copyright (c) 2009, Todd A. Mercer. All Rights Reserved.