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Earlier we received a TV clip sent to us with the saddest news. A Town-hall shelter in Caserta with 387 dogs and 22 cats was not getting any money. The dogs were sick, they died and not even any money to dispose of them, they were put in empty dog food bags. AWL responded.

There were many who sent help to AWL via post packages and to our drop-off at the vet. clinic. Some arranged their own drop off zone at work. We also got money in our bank account for buying food. Thank you all wonderful sponsors.
We could all meet our new friends that are working hard in the shelter trying to keep it going.
The warm and lovely President Alessandra Prattico hugged Olivia
We got a guided tour around in the shelter. Many we wanted to take with us home and just show them the freedom and how it would feel to live with a human who’s only thought would be “No one can love you as much as I can!”
This little fellow named Chimeteri (animal graveyard because he was found in one) will become AWL Hospice Casa dell’Amore’s next client! So Sweet.
This one would love a home
Vacilius, German Shepard, with bad skin condition will soon be our hospice guest too.
All things considered, it was a good day….meeting new animalfriends and being able to help if so just for little…this time! Thank you all from us for helping making a difference.
That’s Amore.