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Morning Mission AWL


Yesterday morning, there was a beautiful, medium-size dog killed by a car up on our main road. What a terrible sight, his guts were hanging outside his body, I couldn’t even bring my camera.

My husband told me about it on his way to work. I ran down to our garage and brought out a dog bed that was a little torn on the side and a big blanket from Naples Friends of Animals.

Antionetta, the animal store owner saw me and came running to help me lift him from the street and to the side. The dog was “new” in the neighborhood, and not old, maybe one – two years-old.

I move the dead dogs because I find it very disturbing to see these beautiful animals laying in the street, and people pass them like they are trash, and many times with children watching as well.

Also I want children to learn by example that we respect animals even when the animals are dead.

And one last reason is…if it was my dog laying there, I would hope someone would stop and put him to the side, and say some last Amore words to my friend.