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Rat Poison!!


The research is scary, and many veterinarians tell me it is a big problem with people laying out rat poison. And it is not small amounts, it is several cans that people pour out.

Olivia and the dogs play where there is a big hole in the fence into an empty skeleton house. It is kind of ironic, the entrance gate is locked with a big chain, but a couple of meters away there is this big hole.

When I walked in there was this cat laying there and I can just imagine the slow and painful death she suffered, the animals are bleeding inside for 1-2 weeks before they die.

Two big jars of rat poison lay near the opening in the fence, and just the thought of Olivia playing with these jars made my heart beat faster.

I went and visited Zara today (read blog yesterday) and she is doing better, but still she has to be in the cage so she doesn’t become too physically active, and start to bleed internally again. And she is very weak and tired.

The veterinarian showed me the blood test results from the lab and they were scary, she was so close to death!

I thank you all for your Amore thoughts, and I thank the Army Chaplain for his Amore prayer, for our Amore girl.