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My weekly column, translated from Magazine NARA Sweden. Hope you enjoy ♥

Proper nutrition, medicine, and love means everything for good healing

Mia Mattsson-Mercer knows what it takes to heal and regain strength. After she suffered in the same way that their dogs

 down at the clinic did, it became even clearer.

In my work we save sick dogs found on the street or in various types of shelters. I have to be quick to rule out problems to get to the actual situation when it comes to assessing dogs’ symptoms. I use my intuition and knowledge to read the animal energies.

One of the most common conditions we treat dogs for in our hospice is Lyme disease. First, we test our new dog clients to see if they have Lyme disease. The test, called “snap” test is quick and is done using a few drops of blood on a small tray-formed tool.

Lyme disease is one of the most common diseases that dogs down in southern Italy are carrying. Symptoms include joint pain, pain and tenderness in various parts of the body as well as skin irritation. In addition, the disease can cause the dogs to be timid against bright light. They also eat less, or not at all. In most cases, my gut feeling is right and we can quickly address the Borrelia/Lyme disease with antibiotics.

A canine’s response is outstanding. They have one goal and that is to become healthy. Dogs do not want to be a burden or a threat to their pack, whether the herd is made of two-legged or four-legged individuals.

The dog comes to our hospice for treatment with the right kind of medication. Furthermore, they are helped by the healthy food and opportunities to be together with volunteers who love them dearly.

Proper medication, healthy food and love for fast healing. This is a combination that our own health care should try to take into greater account.

I cannot help but smile at my own situation right now. At the moment I am sitting in a beautiful treatment room and receive intravenous antibiotics three hours each day for five days. I have been sick for over a year with a diagnosis of Lyme disease. I have the same symptoms as my own four-legged clients down in Italy. I have pain in the joints, extreme sensitivity to light, I’m irritable, have headaches and skin irritation.

My husband joked with me and said that I probably should move down to my own hospice for faster results and more understanding!

No doctors that I have met have wanted to take Borrelia seriously even though the disease is one of the most common in our society today. Many doctors blame the symptoms on “burnout”, rheumatism, “stress”, or that “it’s all in your head.”

Health care for people has become worse. Analgesics and happy pills prescribed to younger people. They mask the problem whilst “treating” the symptoms. Even the dogs have started to receive happy pills instead of true treatment for the underlying problem.

The doctors I have met have wanted to prescribe painkillers for me. A doctor told me that my body was depressed! The next doctor said that my problem was in my head! I refused to take the pills despite terrible pain. I am extremely afraid of becoming dependent on the pills and accepting the pain and stopping searching for the right doctor and the right cure.

I smile at how fast I and the veterinary team are to take Lyme disease blood tests on dogs. With successful treatments we quickly get them healthy, often within two weeks. But people can go on for years before any doctor does a Lyme test.

We dog owners can even vaccinate our pets against Lyme disease at the American base. When I lived in the U.S. we had our dogs vaccinated against the U.S. Borrelia each year. Yet, not people!

Is it that we humans confuse our doctors with our descriptions of all the different symptoms and that is why we are sent to several different specialists? Or is it the economy? The animals do not communicate verbally, but the vet often goes on their sense combined with knowledge. Could it be a small part of the development?

After a year, I have now found a clinic that cures Lyme disease and that takes me and other people from all over the world seriously. Moreover, they have the same concept that we have at our hospice. Right medication, healthy diet and love from the staff. They say, “you know your body best, listen to your symptoms and do not give up.”

That’s Amore!

Mia Mattsson-Mercer



From my weekly column in Magazine NARA

Working with war/emergency situations can be frustrating but also very rewarding friendship. The pain brings us together, we encourage each other and understand when it feels heavy. And the group has a stronger togetherness that is warm and strong. If we had met in another place we would never be involved, but love of saving souls is strong.

When I see a very sick dog, I do not see a dying dog. I see the soul and not the shell. When it’s a seriously ill animal in front of me, I read of the energies that can be kept alive. Kind of like a plastic surgeon told me: “I love to give children a new face, but I see their beauty and beautiful smile in spite of their hare.”

The surgeon sees the children’s shining soul through his eyes as he holds the mirror in front of their face. I see the animals’ brilliant soul through their eyes when they stand up and tail wagging like a morse code “thump thump”.

A female was found injured and dying in a water-filled ditch with debris floating spirit about her small skeleton-like body. Her name is Sunday Rose and I have written about her and this before, in the chronicle “A settertik found thrown in a ditch.”

When visitors saw Sunday Rose exclaimed the horrified: “Yuck, kill her!”
But we and the veterinary team saw something else, a fighting spirit. Now, a few months later, Sunday Rose lives in Rome with a woman who adores her.

Another dog, Dusty, was run over by a car and left the street to die. She lay there for an hour and a half in 40 degree heat. An American lifted her up and came to me with her and told me to kill her. Animal ER x-rayed her and to everyone’s surprise and joy, no broken bones, her paralysis could be due to shock. Today, several months later, she lives with a Swedish girl who is also an acupuncturist for animals. Sara has a wonderful courtyard with four other dogs and horses and sheep on the loose. Dusty could not have come at a better “paradise”.

What we often see is not always the right thing compared to what the soul wants. Many times we are put to the test by the Universe if we are willing and able to fight for the soul. No decision is easy, but with teamwork, we can perform miracles on earth. A life is a miracle. A life is love.

That’s Amore!




Expectations are something that one carries with him in this life. We may have expectations of people, jobs, hobbies, animals, books, on almost everything. Expectations may also be higher on a public figure. I remember when I started working as an animal communicator the expectations for myself grew larger, it was something you could not “prove” that worked.

After a consultation with a horse the owner exclaimed when I was done, “God, I did not think you could communicate with animals with those nails!” I looked at my long manicured nails, wondering to myself what my nails had to do with my work?

A few months later I was with a family in Småland, who had four horses. I sat in the stall with the door open and notepad in my lap, the horse stood in the box and munched on her sweet hay. The horse conveyed that he was delighted in his old master whom had “saved” him. Suddenly I noticed a shadow of a person passing in the doorway, the person stoped and ran back and shouted, “But you are young!”

Every day, I heard different comments. After a consultation, I was invited to the family for coffee, the older man sat at the table. It was the grandfather, the man who owned the horse in the stable. He looked at me a little embarrassed and said: “I thought you would be old and ugly.” I choked on the coffee! “Yes, you know one of those witches who can communicate with animals,” he continued.

The man’s eyes filled with tears when he heard what his horse had told. He wiped his tears and told me that there was a woman who could not ride, and who blamed all the errors on the horse. He had heard one day how the horse whinnied a heart-rending cry. He ran there and saw how she whipped the horse so hard that they later could not get into the stable with something in their hand, without the horse rearing up out of fear. The man bought out the horse. But had hadn’t been able to understand that the horse knew it, and was thankful.

Animals understand the different emotions, they can feel pain, fear and have a strong emotional memory. Their expectations are not high for us and it shows that they are very large creatures. Likewise with the kids, we have very high expectations for them when the community also has it. But children and animals do not expect much of we adults, only security and love. That’s Amore!

Mia Mattsson-Mercer



My weekly column in the Magazine Nara. Its about the Hospice client Leo, how you can be a grumpy old man and after one week in Hospice like a lamb.
Hope you enjoy the reading. It about Amore.