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The Girl’s Past Helped her Become an Animal Lawyer


Text: CEO AWL Mia Mattsson-Mercer

Photo: Shutterstock


Outside my door stood a very thin girl in her too big t-shirt. By her side sat a messy dog.

The girl could not be more than seven years old that first day. When the social workers came to pick her up, she refused to accompany the assistant without her dog. One of the social workers was a big animal lover who had heard me tell how important animals can be for the humans healing.

The girl was interrogated while her dog, Duncan, laid next by her chair. She stretched and gently petted him over his coat. “He is my best friend. When my mother and stepfather argued, me and Duncan always crawled under the bed together. ”

Later I met them both, but the main character for me was Duncan.

He was calm and did not leave her side.

Bottles thrown, furniture being thrown around, punches, loud voices, followed by a spooky silence. Several times Duncan went to protect the girl. The dog even bit the man, but out of protection.

The social worker later confirmed that the girl’s stepfather had tried to get rid of the dog.

Children who come from a violent family can usually heal faster with animal therapy. The healing ability from the animals affects us humans strongly.

Over the years the girl and I have been in touch with each other and especially after the difficult time when Duncan died. Duncan fought against death to continue to protect, though his master was safe and away in school. He did not want to leave her.

We were many who were afraid of what the grief and sorrow would do to her.

But life often surprises us, I thought. You are many times fooled by your own assumptions, in advance of concrete actions of others.

Of course, she mourned. But after a while she started studying to become an animal lawyer. Her dream was to fight for animals that were not allowed to accompany the children in their new foster home. She spoke of her vision as “Duncan’s Law Firm”

She ends in the letter to me:

The way back is a lifelong path but definitely not impossible. It is a healing process on a long journey. We often wonder when we will come to the healing destination. But the wounds are also a way to learn to live, and together with Duncan I became stronger than ever.20170817mia1020

Chris and Duncan


That’s Amore!

In Spite of Life-Threatening Experiences, Still she Wags her Tail


20170830hundnos1020 shiloh


Text: Mia Mattsson-Mercer

Photo: Shutterstock, Private

I immediately saw her.  With her big black eyes she sat in a small cage looking curious at me. It felt like she chose me. I asked the American Animal Organization to adopt the little cute dog Shiloh. They told me that Shiloh’s mother and siblings had  previous week been gassed to death by the state’s dog patrol.

The veterinarian found out that Shiloh had a kennel cough and had to sit isolated for a while. Back home she quickly grew into my family, along with three other dogs. We moved from the US to new adventures in southern Italy.

The dogs took the long trip better than us nervous dog owners.

One evening, we walked with Shiloh along the wide Italian street. Suddenly a car arrived at high speed and drove over her!! Severely injured, she was taken to the emergency room. Nobody thought she would survive.

I prayed day and night for her.

“She’s a miracle dog,” the veterinarians told me when I finally brought her home.

The following year, Shiloh got serious problems with her kidneys. She peed blood.

I was told about a great man, Michael, who could cure animals but who had no veterinary license. Michael was also a good homeopath. No other veterinarian had previously been able to cure Shiloh’s kidney problems. Instead, they thought we should euthanize her. Michael examined her and asked several questions. Suddenly, he took hold of Shiloh’s side and with his palm he hit her kidneys. Shiloh shouted out.

I thought he was crazy!

We left, and with us we got some medicine ampoules.

A couple of weeks later she was healthy!

I told our veterinarian.

“She is a miracle dog,” he said again.

Once again it was time to move to new adventures and this time to southern Germany. Again, Shiloh moved with us but this time with 16 other happy dogs.

Today she is 14 years old. A beautiful limping  greymuzzle Senior, but still the same positive attitued as the first time I saw her there in the small cage.

She’s really a miracle dog.

I believe, we have a lot to learn from the animals.

We are what we think. Never give up!

That’s Amore!

My Column at Tidningen Nära

Trots livshotande upplevelser viftar hon fortfarande lika glatt på svansen


20170830hundnos1020 shiloh

Text: Mia Mattsson-Mercer

Foto: Shutterstock, Privat


Krönika web Tidningen Nära 

Jag såg henne direkt där hon satt med sina stora svarta ögon och tittade nyfiket på mig. Det kändes som om det var hon som valde mig. Jag bad den amerikanska djurorganisationen att få adoptera hunden Shiloh. Shilohs mamma och syskon hade veckan tidigare blivit gasade av statens hundpatrull.

Veterinären konstaterade att Shiloh hade kennelhosta och fick sitta isolerad ett tag. Hon växte snabbt in i min familj tillsammans med tre andra hundar. Vi flyttade från USA till nya äventyr i södra Italien. Hundarna tog den långa resan bättre än oss nervösa hundägare.

En kväll promenerade vi med Shiloh i koppel längs med den upplysta breda italienska gatan. Plötsligen kom en bil i hög hastighet och körde på henne. Shiloh fördes i ilfart till akuten där hon låg svårt skadad i flera dagar. Ingen trodde hon skulle överleva.

Jag bad dag och natt för henne.

Hon är en mirakelhund, sa veterinärerna när jag äntligen fick ta med mig henne hem.

Året efter fick Shiloh grava problem med sina njurar. Hon kissade blod. Jag fick höra talas om en fantastisk man, Michael, som kunde bota djur, men som inte hade någon veterinärlicens. Michael var dessutom en duktig homeopat. Ingen annan veterinär hade tidigare kunnat bota Shilohs njurproblem. De ansåg istället att vi skulle avliva henne. Michael undersökte henne och ställde flera frågor om henne. Plötsligen tog han tag om Shilohs buk och med sidan av sin handflata slog han över hennes njurar. Shiloh skrek till. Jag trodde han var galen! Men vi fick åka hem och med oss fick vi några medicin ampuller.

Ett par veckor senare var hon frisk!

Jag berättade för vår veterinär.

Hon är en mirakelhund, sa han åter igen.

Det blev åter igen dags att flytta till nya äventyr och denna gång till södra Tyskland. Ännu en gång flyttade Shiloh med oss galant men nu tillsammans med 16 andra glada hundar.

Idag är hon 14 år gammal. En vacker haltandes grånos, men fortfarande lika positiv som den första gången jag såg henne i den trånga buren. Hon är verkligen en mirakelhund.

Vi har mycket att lära oss från djuren. Vi är vad vi tänker. Ge aldrig upp!

That’s Amore!



A Longing After a Fragrant Freedom


  You can read CEO Mia Mattsson Mercer’s column; Tidningen Nara CLICK HERE

 A Longing After a Fragrant Freedom 

Otello and I meet 2008 and again 2016. He was still in a cage 14 years old.
“Some of us know what family life is, but we have lost our freedom longing after other things. We long for all the scents, the freedom, the wind, the moon, to life itself. Without demands. With the fragrances that transform euphoric pleasure in us. To experience a deep peace in our souls, a peace of mind and harmony of different colors. To live in each moment. The same longing that many of you humans have. Otello “
That’s Amore!

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It is Never to Late


 In 2008 i got a phone call to help a shelter that was totally falling apart, dogs being abused, they were standing up to their stomachs in poo and pee. They drank moulded water, lack of food.

It was horrible. It is images I still carry around in my heart and mind. Its nothing you wipe off and go to bed. However, I learned that life is not black and white. Sometimes you cannot rescue everyone. Sometimes we learn more about ourselves and other people. You meet people that teach you what you don’t want to become. You met new people that you start new goals with.
We went to the shelter and the owner got a slap on her wrist by the judge for treating the animals badly. The woman changed her name and started a new shelter somewhere else together with other people in the front.
We Awl went in and cleaned and delivered food and veterinarian care. 2009 AWL took 10 dogs and another shelter Leda Ass, took 20 dogs. The other 20-30 dogs went to a townhall shelter.
Otello in the picture went with Leda Ass. and 2010 our paths changed directions until 2016 when I visited Leda in their new nice shelter. To my very big surprise Otello now 14 years old is still in the cage. NO ONE wanted to adopt him.
My heart just broke. 
This weekend we posted him on here, and to my and Leda Ass delight, we got a home for him. 
Tomorrow you can read my column about him and his journey, his advice to us humans. 
The woman that are adopting him, loves Seniors, and knows what it takes and means. No hearts are to old to love. Its like being old and beautiful as human and not dare to find a partner again, because “he might just die soon”
If you don’t live the fullest, you will miss the beauty. 
Thats Amore!
Otello is now getting ready with his shots and health tests for upcoming pet passport. WE think and hope he will be ready to travel VIP –no flying–in 30 days.

 CEO Mia Mattsson-Mercer feeding the starving animals.

  Its never to late to love an old heart. Just because we get old doesn’t mean we suddenly stop to live and love. Would we say that to elderly people, “sorry you are to old to love now, “he” will probably die in one year”

No! Live the fullest, and its when you stop loving you become old.
Thats Amore! First time I met Rossella from her Ass. Leda!