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Children are very important factors in our worlds growing and developing. They have fresh minds and do not have an inner voice that stops them. They talk as they feel, no double messages, only straight forward fact and insight.

Olivia’s school was having their Science Expo 2011 and her teacher thought it would also be a wonderful idea if Olivia with classmates would have one exibit about Animals Without limits, next to their Penguin exhibit. The teacher, Ms Linderman, thought it was very important to teach children of all ages about the problem we are having with a lot of abandoned and sick dogs. She supports our idea that it is better to leave the strays as they are if you don’t have a Plan A and Plan B.

The Expo was so much fun and the children did great handing out fliers and stickers, not to forget the lollipops (what a good trick, mom!) We had more than 100 children visiting our table and Olivia and her friends did a fantastic job giving the information out.

Suddenly we heard one five year old say “Oh my Gosh!

It is so great what you do!” We had a big “folder” with pictures that showed: Picture one; One dog is laying receiving IV (We give medications)

Picture two; 30 bags of dog food (we give food donations)

Picture three; A dog behind a broken cage, (we make sure that dogs will be saved)/div>
Picture four; A child is kissing an old dog (we make sure they get love)

What was amazing with the children was their curiosity and desire to learn, but no fear of seeing something unpleasant. Many adults looked away saying “Oh, I cannot look at that.” Many times their questions were inspiring and challenging, and not to forget: they are our future. That’s Amore.



Lola was rescued from the street by Martina, and is a lovely gentle Setter. My children loves her, and she is so patience with them. Lola was lucky…or were we luckier?

This little guy had a chain that went into his skin. He is in a bad shape.

Wounded in a shelter is a common picture. This little fellow will probably die a slowly death caged in. Its a cry for help!

Olivia and Max loves dogs and these two dogs were so sweet towards them. Once again very patience towards my children. That is Amore, and I wish everyone could at least have some kind of dignity and Amore.

New Friend Adapting


Introducing a new dog into your home can take up to six months before he adjusts. To feel comfortable knowing you, his new home and perhaps his new “friends”.

That made me realize the same happened to me, and my children. With Olivia and me, we bonded right away, but with Max it actually took little more than six months.

Same with animals and families. That’s why it is important not to compare or to remember the former dog “to much”. It is easy, but dangerous!

It is an Amore to see every individual life as unique and special.