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 Children and dogs are often very lovely together, and they have a lot to teach we adults.  They demonstrate how to be in the moment, have compassion and enthusiasm, ingenuity, fantasy and ideas.

Children’s natural way of being and their balance with former street dogs is a beautiful play. The kids are thinking a lot and share their wonderful questions, which in turn allow me to look in my mind for the answers. And if I do not find the answer I seek it further later on.
On weekends, there are many children with their parents visiting us at the Hospice. I love watching kids fall down on their knees to get to the same height as the dogs, or small children standing on their tiptoes to give the bigger dogs a kiss on their head.
I love children’s compassion towards the elderly clients. Meanwhile, I notice how much that has been forgotten within me. Together with my own two children we are now practicing how to be more in the present and work more on our intuition and our thoughts.
When we eat dinner, we frequently thank for our food, to be grateful and at the same time give thanks to the long path before the food ends up on the plates in front of us. I ask Olivia and Max who we should thank: the earth, the rain, the sun, farmers, transportation, stores, dad’s job, mom’s wallet and the cook.
Besides that we have a lot of fun, it’s also stimulating for me. I noticed with myself how hard I have to get started with my imagination.
A few times a week in the evenings, we experiment with silence. We put ourselves down on the floor for about fifteen minutes and then we say nothing. (Here it is hard for me not to fall asleep!)
Then we talk about what thoughts, smells or any concerns that come up. This is also a good start to learn how to meditate, become aware of our thoughts and to learn to “control” them. But it is also a chance for everyone to think through what is moving around inside us.
Sometimes in life we push away thoughts, forget them or we do not want to remember. And over time, it might be difficult to talk about the suppressed thoughts.
Many years ago I met a happy little guy who understood that I could communicate with animals. He knew that it was through the thoughts that communication took place.
We were with my dog ​​Tjojs when the little guy told me he had bought a gift for Tjojs, but he would whisper it to me what it was, or Tjojs could hear it. “You are not allowed to think about it, because then Tjojs will ‘hear’ it!” the little guy said. But he was disappointed. He had thought about the gift to Tjojs, and expected that she would jump excitedly, but she never jumped.
Talking with children is amazing. We hear many deep thoughts and we should be able to learn something from their natural approach to life’s mysteries.
That’s Amore!

Mission Shelter — Missione Canile


Pictures and text Copyright (c) 2009, Mia Mattsson-Mercer. All Rights Reserved

Went out to the shelter today. I nearly cried when I saw where we had found our new dog, Dexter. He was born in this shelter, in that cage on the picture, and for probably 4 years he sat in this dark, damp stinky cage.

I asked the lady why she brought in and kept the dogs in this horrible situation, “I didn’t want them to be hit by a car!” she said.

Amore can kill!

Sono andata al canile oggi. Mi sono quasi messa a piangere quando ho visto di dove abbiamo preso / trovato il nostro nuovo cane Dexter. Lui e nato in questo “canile” in quella gabbia che potete vedere nel immagine. E per piu di 4 anni molto probabilmente ha dovuto sopportare questo posto buio e sporco.

Ho chiesto alla signora perche ha preso tutti questi cani e perche li ha messi tutti qui dentro. Mi risponde : Non volevo che facevano qualche incidente stradale,”
Amore puo anche amazzare!

Children & Dogs


Wonderful children and animals, they communicate so well together if we let them. Bellissimi bambini e animali, communicano cosi bene, basta che li hanno la possibilità di farlo.

Zara, former stray so gentle and sweet to our 1 year old Max.

Zara, prima randagio , cosi dolce e brava con il nostro figlio Max di un anno.

“If you talk to the animals, they will talk to you,
and you will get to know each other.
If you do not talk to the animals,
you will not get to know them,
and what you do not know you will fear.
What you fear you destroy.”
Chief Dan George

“Se parli con i animali, loro parleranno con te,
e vi conoscerete.
Se non parli con i animali,
non li conoscerai mai,
e quello che non conosci ti fara paurà.
e quello che ti fa paura , quello distruggerai.”
Chief Dan George

Blankets, Warm Amore


Yesterday on my way with the children to a party being held by one of Olivia’s classmates, I had to stop and give two strays something warm to lay on.
In a big parking lot, two sweet dogs were laying resting/sleeping on the cold concrete.

Thanks to Sabine (Germany) I could stop and lay out two very nice blankets on the ground, under a big roof.

The two medium size “brothers” waged their tails and went directly to them and laid down.

Next to them was a plate of food, that “some” kind person had given them.

It felt like warm Amore!

Sabine and her husband also donated collars, leashes, a crate and blankets before moving back home!