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Some of you have asked if I cannot translate my columns that I write for Magazine Nara. Here is my latest. Happy Reading!
Chained Animals in the Human World

He stood frozen with a thick chain around his neck. The beautiful Rottweiler’s neck weighed down and I could feel his pain along his entire back. Our eyes met!
I could not understand why the owner kept him chained and locked up in a cage! Despite the dull eyes he did radiate a strong wisdom. I feel a strong despair about chained animals, for all animals that are being held in captivity. 
Suddenly I heard an inner voice from him:
“You people show more fears than any other animal on this planet. You want to own and claim the lives of those who radiate love and wisdom. Your fears go on for generations and wont end until every single person says stop.
We animals have an important role in your life. Together!
What comes out from you affects the chain of life. It affects your neighbor, zoos, families, friends, strangers and most importantly, children.”
My daughter Olivia, was maybe three or four years old, when she went a couple of hours a week to an Italian kindergarten. One day the Kindergarten would go to the circus. My heart clenched. I did not want Olivia to go there, the circus used live animals. I expressed my despair to a good friend.
“Mia let her go there and get her own impression. If she does not get to go, it will be even more difficult for her to understand all the children’s joy the next day in school. She will feel excluded. In addition, she will never learn to argue either, ” said my wise friend.
It was with a fake smile, I waved goodbye to the happy children at the school bus. A few hours later I picked Olivia up at the schoolyard. She was walking towards me with her head bowed. Her little arms hugged me, “Mom, it was so horrible to see these animals, they do not feel good!”
My eyes filled with tears, I whispered quietly, thank you universe, and to my friend and to my wise little daughter Olivia.
You’re probably wondering what happened to the Rottweiler? I tried to talk to the owner of the Rottweiler and the police, but they all looked at me with empty, bland eyes. One night, “someone” cut the padlock and the neck chain with a bolt cutter. Today King lives at an unknown location with protected identity.
That’s Amore!
You can also read it on TIDNINGEN NARA in Swedish



 Ones, she was someone’s dog! 
Luna was chained and abuse while being strapped to a chain. She couldn’t escape to defend herself. Luna was trapped by the brutality, from a humans hand. She was going to die anyway, since she have a heart failure and they didn’t give her any medications. 

Luna is a gorgeous German Shepard only 2 years old.

She was “rescued” to one of the horrible shelters, locked into a cage. One volunteer couldn’t bear to see this beautiful dog dying inside that cage. Despite being neglected and abused Luna is so full out of love and gratefulness. Flavia the volunteer asked if we AWL could help her if she fostered Luna.
You see, Luna is probably not going to have long time left here on Earth. The shelter veterinarian said, maybe 6 months.
AWL wants to help with the sponsoring of medicine/food and I would love if we could sponsor a second opinion of her heart issue. Think if?

Luna needs food and special medicine. Our veterinarian would cost 100 euro to hire a heart specialist. Medicine 150 euro/

Luna deserves a life like she has now, with a lot of love, dog friends, free in a garden and medication.

Please help us help Luna to have the best time in her life. She so deserves it.

Swedish account PG: 53 61 62-1 BG: 476-9246
And we have PAYPAL here on this blog a big sign DONATE. Please earmark LUNA

That’s Amore!



Jackie, one of our volunteers, had seen this dog previously but back then he was roaming around in a small field. It didn’t feel well that he was alone.
Treats and talks made a little brightness in his bored days. Jackie tried to find out who owned this dog but got different information every time.
She asked me to go with her, to meet this loving guy. In rain we drove over and to our shock he is now chained to a little horrible “house” on a cold concrete base, with a bucket of water. The chain is a thin one but his collar is a “stackel” and when he pulls the metal nubs go right into his neck.
We talked to a company next to this place and I gave them my card if they would see the owner to tell him we wanted to adopt the dog.
It is cruel to have him chained up in the first place. It is more cruel to chain him with a short chain that restricts his ability to move around much. It is the ulitimate cruelty to put a collar on him that hurts him when he tugs on his short lead. And nobody there to love on him.

Today’s Mission Possible


A starving cat has a huge scar over her neck. We gave her food and de-wormed her.

Stopped and checked if this Mister needed our help. He assured us he did not!

Saw some old friends, Mr. Ear and Mr. Rope, haven’t seen them in a while. Still with an ear infection and a rope hanging tight(!?) around neck. This time they were locked in. We found a phone number and Dr. Inga called. The man promised to call back tomorrow so Dr. Inga could get in and treat Mr. Ear and cut the rope off Mr. Rope.

Remember the chained dogs where their dog houses nearly got drowned by the heavy rain?

We visited the place again, one dog has gotten puppies and the mother was, thank God, released from the chain. (AWL is against chaining dogs)

We told the lady that we would take care of the dogs; spay and neuter and try to find homes for the them (we are not an adoption foundation but what do you do when you see a friend chained up?). If she wanted our help she had to let them free to us.

This is Labrador Amore. We tried to get a great picture but this loving female was so happy for affection that it was like holding jelly. This is the best picture we came up with! She is wonderful this girl.

Found roaming around in the dark five months ago. She is up for adoption. Super friendly and good looking.
Some phone calls when we returned home for some dogs to soon become “it”.

This was our morning Amore mission possible!