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 Pepe a young and handsome male followed one of our volunteers home. We think that every strays in that area knows the love and wonderful life at Valeries house.  He was taken to Dr Fransesco at Dr Damiani Clinic to be castrated. He was such a good boy.

 Even in the car he was acting like a true star.

He is BiG and a young sweetheart. Very beautiful. He would be great in a family together with another trained dog for him to read off of. He is a fast learner

We might think he was abused! Just doesn’t like yelling, then he hides by the door.

Never a growled.

Needs some training, super smart. Good with cats, dogs, kids (although isn’t mindful of his big goofy size).

Knows only after a couple of days sit, come and is learning to walk on a leash
He is a wonderful, happy dog, that follows your instructions when you say please and I love you.

 Would you adopt me?

 I admire everyone that comes my way!

Few accidents in the home. But hey, I am learning what it means to be an indoor dog!

That’s Amore



Remember earlier on our blog about MAX who was abandoned by his family when they went back home? To re-fresh your memory, click here.

The foster-mom waited for her husband Steve to come back after a short trip, Steve was eager to meet MAX. When Steve returned he fell head over heals in love with MAX.

The neighbors had complained over MAX howling when being home alone, MAX suffered from big seperation anxiety. But Steve went over and talked to them re-assure that they were working to help MAX to become better.
Days went by, Steve and MAX adore each other, out running every day. I got a message “they wanted to adopt MAX.”

Of course, we got very happy at this news. I had the pleasure to meet Steve, a lovely man who spoke highly about his best friend and all his tricks. MAX sat content next to his best friend´s side, calm and content.

Steve told me that they still worked on the seperation anxiety but Max had become much better already.

A family abandonen him, AWL volunteers helped MAX to get healthier and find someone for him, and a wonderful family fostered then adopted him. It shows that whatever nation we are from, there are bad and good people. But focusing on the good, That´s Amore!

MAX was castrated thanks to AWL´s Spay and Neuter Project 2011.

Thank you Stephen and Susi Marty.



This morning (after 24 hours at AWL hospice)I drove Andy fur ball to his foster mom Cindy (Thank you so much you are an Angel). Andy was rescued by Lynn, brought to Trina were he could sleep over the night. Picked up the next morning by me, transferred to AWL Hospice were he loved to stay. Playing with Doberman Billy Bob.

I also drove Fluke to Lega Pro Animale were our favorite veterinarian Dr Gigi works. Fluke is up for adoption, 6-9 monhts old, housebroken, good with children and other dogs. Loves to steal food. Is a BIG baby!

Smudge, another rescue-dog by Chris, fostered by Tracey was also castrated this morning. Smudge is 7,5 kg, 1 year old. Good with children and other dogs. Both need a furever loving home, were they can be your friend. That’s Amore.

AWL Helped Bianco, The Rowing Club’s Mascot. AWL aiuta Bianco, il mascot dello Club di Canottaggio


(Adesso in Italiano)

A big dog friend, Helene (UK) called me and asked if AWL could help her with a dog at the Italian rowing club and restaurant, across the lake from where I live.
The dog had a problem with one of its back legs.
Of course AWL would and could!We agreed on meeting on a Saturday morning. It was a peaceful morning, the water on the lake was glittering from the sun, and I was greeted by a happy Helene, and a wonderful, happy, beige dog, Bianco.
Bianco limped and sometimes didn’t put down his leg. He had “kind off” healed burn wounds on his stomach, but he was loving, gentle and didn’t leave your side.

The restaurant owner came out, Bianco’s “guardian angel.” He told me what had happened one morning:
“I heard this terrible scream and rushed out. Bianco was being attacked by a Pitt Bull and it wouldn’t let go even when I tried to hose it off with cold water. I ran in to the kitchen and got a pot of boiling water and threw it over them. It wasn’t until then that he let go, and poor Bianco got burnsand a nasty bite.”
I asked if they knew what had happened to the Pit Bull, did the owner get charged for miss handling a dog (breed)?
“The Pit bull ran into a pasture and attacked the horse, the farmer came out and shot the dog”
The restaurant owner took Bianco to an Italian veterinarian clinic were he was examined, but still he was not doing great, better though. But could we help?

I asked if we could have him castrated at the same time? The owner looked at me with big starring eyes, and his lips formed in a soundless “NO”.
I promised that AWL would take care of the bill. His face lit up and he took my hand and was pleased. “Si, si!”
Bianco is doing fine now, a small fracture above the knee, his burns are healed and he is still a happy, castrated boy back at the restaurant. And, Helene sponsored by paying Biancos medical bill.
Healing Amore Helene Grazie!
AWL aiuta Bianco, il mascot dello Club di canottaggio .
Un grande amante degli animali ( specialmente cani ) Helene (dal UK) Mi ha chiamata per chiedermi se AWL poteva aiutarla con un cane che avevano allo club Italiano di canottaggio (e anche un ristorante ) che si trova attraversando il lago dove abito io.
Il cane aveva un problema con uno delle sue gambe. Ovviamente AWL voleva e poteva aiutare! Ci siamo organizzate per sabato mattina.
Era una mattina molto bella, l ‘aqua del lago splendeva grazie al sole.. Mi ha salutato con tanta dolcezza Helene e un adorabile, allegro cane di nome Bianco.

Bianco zoppicava e non metteva giu la zampa. Aveva anche ferite dal fuoco “quasi” guarite sulla pancia. Bianco era comunque un cane affetuoso e voleva sempre stare vicino a qualcuno.
Il proprietario e uscito , che per Bianco e stato un angelo, mi ha spiegato cosè successo una mattina :
“Ho sentito questo urlo terribile e ho corso fuori. Bianco era stato attaccato da un Pitt Bull e questo non voleva per niente lasciare povero Bianco. Neanche quando ho buttato aqua fredda adosso. Quindi sono di nuovo corso dentro la cucina e ho preso l’aqua bollente in una pentola e gli ho buttato questo adosso. Solo ora lasciava e povero Bianco e stato bruciato e morso gravamente.
Ho chiesto se sapevano cosa era successo allo Pitt Bull, il proprietario e stato denunciato per non aver addestrato o controllato abbastanza il suo cane ?

“il Pitt Bull e poi corso dentro a un pascolo e ha attackato un cavallo, il agricoltore e uscito e ha sparato il cane.”

Il proprietario del ristorante presii Bianco e gli portai in un clinica italiana dove gli hanno esaminato, ma ancora non stava tanto bene. potevamo aiutarlo noi ? Ho chiesto se potevamo pure farlo sterilizare allo stesso tempo ? il proprietario mi guardava con degli occhi enormi e diceva “no”. Ho promesso a lui che AWL avrebbe pensato a tutti i costi. Il signore prendeva la mia mano e ringraziava tanto dicendo “si si”

Bianco ora sta bene, ha una piccola frattura sopra il ginocchio. Le ferite sono guarite e lui e ancora un cane molto contento, ma ora sterilizato e ritornato al ristorante.
E , Helene ha dato tanto pagando la fattura della medicazione di Bianco.
Tanto Amore a Helene! Grazie !