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 She was dumped outside the Caserta Shelter one week ago. Someone had put her in a paper-carton and walked away. Her name is VITA (Life) 

Very sick with leichmania, severe mange, her liver and kidneys are not working very well. Full of ticks. She decided she wanted to live, that’s why her name is perfect.

Casertas veterinarian examined her and medicine is being put in.

VITA came to our Hospice a couple of days ago. You couldn’t touch her, she was so scared. Now she has improved a little. Small steps, and soon she will understand she is safe. Hospice is a place where dogs that are either Senior, or severe sick can relax in a safe environment.
They have their own bedrooms, beds and many volunteers that look after them. We have two veterinarian teams that monitor them closely.

VITA lives in her own “apartment” section, downstairs, peacefully and can heal without stress.

She is between 1-2 years old, and 6 kg ♥

We desperately need help for VITA’s medicine and veterinarian check ups. We don’t know how much everything cost yet, but around 100-200 euro a month.

We are a non profit org. Started 1999 by a Military wife.
American registered run by Swedish/Italian/American volunteers.

We got paypal (donation) (donera)

 doxycyclin 100, (antibiotic)

ribes pet perle, (for her skin, high fat, Omega GLA)
stargate 2 mg, (positively affects the production of red blood cells)
mepral 20, ( Treatment and prevention of relapse of reflux oesophagitis and gastro-oesophageal reflux disease.)
zincogen pet perle. ( Bioavailable zinc combined with selenium, vitamin E, beta-carotene, Cu and Mn to stimulate the immune system and skin repair.)
Glutamex forte, (Glutamax Forte supports the proper functioning of the liver)
And she need special food Renal, wet and dry.
This week or next we need to have her health tested to see if she is healing well. Blood test and examination fee, and skin biopsy. Maybe an ultra sound!

 Hon lämnades utanför Caserta Shelter svart sjuk och medtagen. Någon hade lagt henne i en pappers kartong! Någon med ett hjärta men inga pengar. Vi kallar henne VITA (liv)

Hon har leichmania, mange och hennes lever och njurar är i dålig funktion. Full av fästingar och lider av järnbrist. Men, hon har bestämt sig för att leva.
Casertas egen veterinär har undersökt henne och satt henne på massa olika mediciner. För ett par dagar sedan kom VITA till vårt Hospice. Vi kunde inte röra henne, hon var vettskrämd. Vita har redan gjort några framsteg. Små steg och snart förstår hon att hon är i tryggt förvar. Vårt Hospice är ett hus for äldre hundar, eller svårt sjuka under observation. De har sina egna sovrum, sängar och många volontärer ser till dem. Vi har två olika veterinär team som ser efter dem.
Vita bor i en egen våning, sa hon kan förbättra hälsan utan stress.
Hon ar mellan 1-2 ar gammal och väger endast 6 kg.
Vi behöver desperat eran hjälp till att kunna ge VITA all den medicine hon behöver och hälsokontroller. Vi vet inte hela kostnaden ännu, men cirka 100-200 euro i månaden.
Vi är en ideell organisation som startades 1999 av mig. Registrerad i USA and volontärer från Sverige/USA/Italien
Vi har PAYPAL (kan donera med kredit kort) på 

Eller svenskt konto (donera.)


New Bagging dates, 23rd and 24th! We so desperately need YOUR help.

Join our fun team. Sign up, and I promise you; its a blast.

This time the money will go (23rd) to vaccinations to Caserta Shelter and (24th) to emergency help for street projects, like spay and neuter, surgery, vaccination etc,

That’s Amore!



It was on a warm day at the end of April this year.  AWL, together with wonderful people collected 1000kg dog food for the shelter Caserta that we like to help.  They work hard to find homes for many dogs, including working together with a German Organization for adoptions.  For that reason, we help them where and when we can.  Caserta Shelter has 350 dogs and 20 something cats.  The organization has it very tough, with no help they had to “get by” with everything—food, money, and volunteers.  And new dogs were brought to their shelter daily.
We had many new volunteers from AWL with us that day.  Ilena, one of our main persons walked together with Martina, our volunteer.  Martina loves English Setters! It is a very common breed in Southern Italy and used for hunting or bragging about towards other people.  When they cannot use them anymore, they drive with them out into the countryside, and throw them out on a field.  Many are starving to death, others killed in traffic.  Ilena whispered in Martina’s ear and pointed at a cage with 5-6 other dogs.  There, curled up in a corner, easily missed because she was lying deathly still, lay a black and white Setter.
Franka, a 12-14 years old Senior, had been in this shelter for many years and before that she was in another shelter.  No one knew much about her.  She had leichmania, so no one wanted to adopt her.  She was ugly they thought, blind in one eye, useless and old. Martina shouted my name.  I turned around and I read in Martina’s eyes that something was very important.  She pointed at Franka.  I looked over at the black and white Senior Setter, and my heart ached.  Martina’s eyes looked like a little girls eyes, sparkling with curiosity and love.  I nodded towards her with a smile. That was that.

We brought Franka to our Hospice and the volunteers loved her right away, especially children loved her.  An amazing journey for her, from 10 years in a cage were hope had left her soul, to the next day in the Hospice with green grass, people who loved her and medicine.  Her tail went on like crazy.  Her pride came back like a glowing aura.
Blood tests showed not just Leichmania, but they also showed kidney failure and high blood pressure.  She had to be put on a special diet, and boy was it was expensive!
One of our volunteers – Sandra — introduced her friend from Texas, Michelle who had fallen in love with Franka.  Michelle and her husband Gunter became Franka’s Guardian Angels, sponsored her and sent money and love to her account frequently. Thanks to Michelle’s gracious heart Franka could get the best possible treatment and care.  Michelle was very engaged with Franka’s life at the Hospice.  It felt great.
The last few days Franka started to show significant changes in her energy.  In the mornings she was herself, happy, eating and wagging her tail.  By the evenings her energy fell lower.  Yesterday morning I got an emergency note on my phone:  Franka was absolutely not doing well; she had to go into our veterinarian Dr. Vittorio immediately. 
Her kidneys collapsed.  There was only one thing to do and quick.  Martina held her paw and kissed her nose several times from all of us, then escorted Franka to the Rainbow Bridge.  Franka’s companion from the shelter to the Hospice completed the journey with her across the Bridge.
My heart and thankfulness goes out to everyone who was involved in Franka’s life since we found her in Caserta Shelter.  To those who are helping to keep the hospice in operation.   To those that support us as we strive to change the lives of the dogs that sit in cages, sick, and tired.  Together, we demonstrate that there is hope for we humans, because there are people who want to make a difference.
That’s Amore



 Brenda is locked in a cage at a shelter with 300 other dogs. She is a dream, sweet and loves to be up in your arms. She loves people! Why she ended up in a shelter?

She was abandon on the streets, hit by a car that costed her the front-leg. Despite all this, she remains sweet and deserves a furever home.

Brenda is 2 years old, all shots up to date, we can arrange passport.

She is doing well with other dogs, but if they are bigger than her she gets scared and defensive. No cats!

Give this your girl a forever home.



Still I haven’t unpacked my bags or told you about my wonderful time down at the hospice in Italy. I came home 2 weeks ago!
But let me tell you, AWL has never been so busy as we are now. It’s generating great stories and fabulous adventures. Let me say, we have the best team ever. We are strong and determined to help more dogs. But, as I always say, we are very humbled to our sponsors and supporters, without you in our team, we cannot even consider to do what we are doing.
 I stayed at one of my wonderful friends and volunteer’s home in Martina’s house. With me I had my daughter Olivia that more or less grew up in the shelters with all the volunteer work we did during our four years in the Naples area.

Saturday morning many fantastic volunteers showed up together with their friends at the Hospice. Some husbands with their children came also. 
Thank you Lori Garcia with family, Valerie Funk with family, Barbarann with family, Sandra Jontz, Martina and Pio. And all the visitors. Sharon Kenney for the very generous donation and dog food, Aaron Kurschner with wife came with dog food, Emily Frazer came with dog food and toys for the Orphan home. And the three painting guys, Ryan and his painting brothers thank you so much.
Two rooms were painted, and we received many donations, too.
It was a lovely day.
It was amazing how much we got cleaned up in the hospice rooms and basement. The purpose was that we should clean up before closing down the hospice in June. The reasons were many!
But in the end I couldn’t fulfill what I had planned. I felt so happy being in there, it was my dream! I thought about all the wonderful clients that despite their disease, their mind was going towards one direction, to get better. They could suffer from great pain, but still their tail was going, thump, thump, thump. 
I had to re-think about having a new structure for operation of the hospice, and listen to the volunteers — what their strengths and powers were —- what did they want to do?
Sunday, we drove to our friends, the Caserta girls. They “took over” a Governmental shelter were the dogs more or less starved to death. They are working so hard find homes for their dogs, to not allow any of them to stay in the shelter any longer than necessary.  They are actively working to promote adoptions.
We love to work together with them since they allow us to adopt dogs, or bring them to our hospice. There is a lot of trust and love are between the Caserta Girls and the AWL Team.
We were a big group of 13 adults and children. It was a good opportunity to bring the volunteers with us so they could see one of the “better” shelters in the Campania region. With us, we had 900 kg dog food, some cat food, and cleaning material.
Amy Gardner had done a fantastic job at the Commissary on Base. She had made a cart were people could go and leave a bag of dog/cat food. It had amazing results…
Thank you to everyone on the American Navy Base, you are a wonderful community that helps us to help those in great need.
As always, it was heart breaking to go through the shelter with 304 dogs and 21 cats.  In one section there were five dogs in every cage on a cold concrete floor.  You want to give them all homes. They are adorable.
Many people think the dogs are damaged after being locked in for many years. But not every one is damaged, it’s a very low percent, maybe 3 % need special care.  Their ability to love, even after neglect and abuse, is truly inspiring.
Typical of the stories we hear in Campania, the Government promised to help the Caserta Girls with food for the animals, but it never seemed to happen. It is always, “domani” (tomorrow).
Please if you can start to collect food of any kind of dog or cat food we would be very thankful, and the dogs would be even more thankful. You can also donate money and earmark it “Caserta Food”. We have a good connection with a pet store that also gives us some amount of discount.
We have adopted some shelter dogs to Sweden that are the most warm hearted good dogs I ever met. We like these girls who run the shelter, since they want to help animals and not keep them in cages.
Suddenly Martina called me and pointed at an English Setter laying along the concrete wall now looking up.  Her name is Franka. I saw the love, and I nodded my head as a “yes” to Martina. Franka laid in a section were there was a lot of noise, after only five minutes even I started to feel like I would go crazy from the racket.
Franka had been there since 2005 and before that she came from another shelter. No one saw her, she was invisible!
Franka is now at the hospice with her own room, bed and volunteers that just adore her. What is even more wonderful in this Franka Cinderella story, is that she got her own private sponsor from Texas, The family Michelle & Clinton Gunter.  Since Franka is in very big need of medical help — as well as dental help — this is amazing how they came in and offered to help her.
Back at the Hospice, Barbara Ann and her daughter Chloe Rose took Franka to the groomer, and had her bathed and groomed. She looked fantastic and you could see her prancing like a ballet dancer, full of pride.
Her tests came back, showing a high count indicating leichmania, and her kidneys are working hard. Thanks to her guardian angel sponsors, tomorrow we can go and buy special medicine, and food for our Franka. Thank you Team AWL for the great work, I am proud.
That’s Amore!

More to come.