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The friendship between Maria us goes back some number of years. I remember Maria contacting us, wanting to adopt a very sick Pit Bull that was close to dying in the shelter. We got Bonita out and into a wonderful foster home (thanks David and Lynn.)  Maria was amazing to show her love and patience. Can you believe she had to wait one year before she could get Bonita in her arms? Bonita had been terribly sick in the shelter, isolated in a cage since they said she didn’t get along with other dogs. Back then, you needed to make a blood test after 3 months to see if the antibodies had developed from the rabies shot. She failed twice. But Maria is amazing, over and over she said ‘I will wait for her.” I flew Bonita in to Malmo, Sweden and Maria drove down, and with her she had another sweetheart that she had adopted from Ireland. Maria cried happy tears when she could finally hold Bonita,  and we hugged. Bonita was old and she died  after xx months, but she had gotten to live the dream life with Maria and Quincy. Sleeping in bed, eating all kinds of goodies and she was the sweetest with the other dog. Never growled.
After two years Maria was ready for adopting again, and gave me the mission to find one for her. I knew what she liked and found Cassandra from an Italian shelter. Cassandra was so much love and life and had been behind bars for nearly 3 years. Maria said yes and named her Kera!
I drove down and picked Kera and several other dogs up, drove up to Southern Germany. The next morning, Maria came with two other friends, they had been driving non-stop for 20 hours. Maria and her friends were so wonderful to bring with them 2 other dogs to Southern Sweden where their new owners would pick them up.
Maria has the biggest heart and the best attitude among all the people I have ever met. There is never a problem that cannot be solved and she always shows bravery in her thinking and actions.
With her she brought a big bag of salt liquorish for me, and even Swedish candy for my children. She had a bundle of Swedish Magazines, too.
Maria had dog food, treats, collars and leashes with her for me to bring down the next time I would drive to Italy.
Every week I get wonderful pictures of Kera and her new life. Maria, you are a wonderful spirit so full of life and joy.
And she is such a responsible dog owner. Kera had the worst teeth, and many were lost. She has already spent so many hundreds of Euro to have her teeth fixed and made right.
Thank you so much for everything you do. 
That’s Amore.



Earlier we received a TV clip sent to us with the saddest news. A Town-hall shelter in Caserta with 387 dogs and 22 cats was not getting any money. The dogs were sick, they died and not even any money to dispose of them, they were put in empty dog food bags. AWL responded.

There were many who sent help to AWL via post packages and to our drop-off at the vet. clinic. Some arranged their own drop off zone at work. We also got money in our bank account for buying food. Thank you all wonderful sponsors.
We could all meet our new friends that are working hard in the shelter trying to keep it going.
The warm and lovely President Alessandra Prattico hugged Olivia
We got a guided tour around in the shelter. Many we wanted to take with us home and just show them the freedom and how it would feel to live with a human who’s only thought would be “No one can love you as much as I can!”
This little fellow named Chimeteri (animal graveyard because he was found in one) will become AWL Hospice Casa dell’Amore’s next client! So Sweet.
This one would love a home
Vacilius, German Shepard, with bad skin condition will soon be our hospice guest too.
All things considered, it was a good day….meeting new animalfriends and being able to help if so just for little…this time! Thank you all from us for helping making a difference.
That’s Amore.



URGENT! AWL have been asked to help a shelter with 385 dogs inside It is very urgent. It is a tragic!
It was a Townhall/Government shelter but in October they stopped paying and now the dogs are suffering badly. Starving, and slowly suffering a horrible death. They don’t even have money for the disposal of carcasses so many dead dogs but no place where to put them!

AWL have started a collection and we beg you to help us. WE are in BIG need of dog food (any kind) antibiotic, de worming, frontline, latex gloves, cleaning detergent, blankets. Drop off : SS Veterinarian on Base, Hospice in Lago Patria or collect at your work. Deadline February 10th. If you are in another country like Germany you can send it to me or if American spouses want to help please let me know. We accept checks, and you can donate PAYPAL or Italian bank please ear mark CASERTA CANILE (donations) I am driving down soon ♥