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Kom och lyssna ett inspirerande kärleksfullt föredrag i Stockholm, Lördagen den 4 e Oktober. Mia Mattsson Mercer ar AWL President kommer att dela med sig av sina erfarenheter, glada fängslande historier. Vad kan djuren lara oss manniskor?

Underbara Carina Lidbom berättar och inspirerar. En underbar lördagseftermiddag. Välkomna!

Tack också till Tove Karlsson som haller i föredraget.

That’s Amore!



Thank you Carina Lidbom & Selma for your support to Animals Without Limits every year, it means the world to us having animal amore such as you. Peter Knutson took this wonderful picture.
He is a great person, its his picture on the cover of my book #3–I love his photos.

Also great Amore thank you to Megan Seibert USA for your donation, and I loved the quote you wrote in the e mail…”Don’t just leave…leave it better!”

Also a huge paw’er –thank you to;
Bella Appelblom, Sweden
Ulla Linder, Sweden
Maria Svegare in memory of Tossi, Sweden
Sara Hoover, Sweden — USA
Erika Bobby Giove Andersson, Sweden
Angie Ogilvie, UK
Tracey L Nettles, USA
Thank you all for your support and love so we can continue making the strays healthier and perhaps happier. This is pawerful Amore.