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 Nothing is more wonderful than receiving happy pictures from every adopted dog. That is when we feel “paid. We all work for free, several hours a day. Many times the hours are not so pleasent. But these pictures are fabilous. Senior Fochetta left in a horrible shelter, a volunteer smuggled her out. Now she lives a dream life in Sweden.

 MIA one of the naughty puppies, that made her earn the name “pain” Boy could that girl nibble. Now in a warm loving home in Sweden.

 MAX, charming Max, walked on base right into the vet clinic and sat down. We were lucky that a foster would take care of him until her husband came home. Well, when husband came home he fell madly in love with MAX. Lucky Max and lucky Steve. (USA/Italy)

 Rosie our love lady. Finally you got your home. SO sad waiting and hoping whenever a new person stepped into the hospice. But one day two wonderful people Thomas and Eva decided to adopt her up in Sweden. O dear what a story…and trip. –Sweden

 Capri sweet Capri, found on an airport, put in a shelter, adopted by a family. One day Capri didn’t like all the dogs and started to attack. But she got her own space and new build garage with beds–but still the family could feel she wanted a small pack. A Swedish lady came and wanted to adopt Capri

together with Philippo that had been locked in a cage for two years, isolated. Now happy together in Sweden

That’s Amore


This handsome “oldie” was rescued by Martina Ricci from being killed on her street. There is a man who doesn’t like strays, or dumped dogs. Rex is having a lot of medical problems, hip and skin. AWL made sure he could be castrated and seen by a doctor. Martina found a loving home up north, her boyfriend drove 7 hours to link up with next volunteer who drove the last several hours to Rex’s new forever home. We got a report from Martina, that the new owner is aware of all his medical problems and will take care of them. She is so happy for Rex, who has not made any “accidents” in her home. That’s Amore!

The weather is horrible here. Cold, strong wind and massive amounts of rain. We are all in emergency mode, but the shelters are having it worst. Please help with donations and we can make a difference for the animals health and happiness.


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Bank: IW BANK S.p.A.Via Cavriana, 2020134 Milan

I took Capri to Dr Damiani to have Capri’s blood taken and sent to Germany for the count of antibodies for her passport to Sweden. Poor Ulla, Capri’s new owner has been waiting for her dog for several months. But nothing goes smoothly here, always something goes wrong. We were so happy last week, the last blood test. ‘Well never” take out the joy in advance. I received a phone call that the tube had leaked in transit, so they need new blood. Arghhh! We are getting delayed again!!

Got a call from Bruce about this handsome, skinny male found walking alone on the base. He followed Bruce and his dog, and Bruce’s heart couldn’t “just” leave him there. “Billy” is now resting on Bruce’s balcony and is getting food. Tomorrow Todd will go and give him the medication, de-worming, frontline and protein paste. Monday he needs a foster home (or forever home). Bruce cannot keep him since he already has two animals, base regulations only allow two animals per home.

Please help Billy, give him hope and joy! Male, 5-9 months old, skin and bones, friendly, goes with other dogs, cats he loves to chase 🙂

Give him Amore please!



My SUV is still at the repair man and since we had to order special parts from the States I don’t know when I can get it back. I have to tell you, I miss my SUV so much. Rescuing strays in the smallest FIAT is kind of funny though.

Today Olivia and I picked up three dogs in my rent car FIAT and we really looked funny with dogs everywhere, Capri, Phillipo and Scooby.

All three got safe to Dr Damiani’s clinic, and Dr Loungo took care of them and all the paper work that needs for their up coming Swedish passports. Blood test and leishaminiosis were made.

Back home, 19 lovely dogs were waiting for their treatments, and Olivia took care of sweet ABBY. What a sweaty day full of dog hair and Amore.