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The friendship between Maria us goes back some number of years. I remember Maria contacting us, wanting to adopt a very sick Pit Bull that was close to dying in the shelter. We got Bonita out and into a wonderful foster home (thanks David and Lynn.)  Maria was amazing to show her love and patience. Can you believe she had to wait one year before she could get Bonita in her arms? Bonita had been terribly sick in the shelter, isolated in a cage since they said she didn’t get along with other dogs. Back then, you needed to make a blood test after 3 months to see if the antibodies had developed from the rabies shot. She failed twice. But Maria is amazing, over and over she said ‘I will wait for her.” I flew Bonita in to Malmo, Sweden and Maria drove down, and with her she had another sweetheart that she had adopted from Ireland. Maria cried happy tears when she could finally hold Bonita,  and we hugged. Bonita was old and she died  after xx months, but she had gotten to live the dream life with Maria and Quincy. Sleeping in bed, eating all kinds of goodies and she was the sweetest with the other dog. Never growled.
After two years Maria was ready for adopting again, and gave me the mission to find one for her. I knew what she liked and found Cassandra from an Italian shelter. Cassandra was so much love and life and had been behind bars for nearly 3 years. Maria said yes and named her Kera!
I drove down and picked Kera and several other dogs up, drove up to Southern Germany. The next morning, Maria came with two other friends, they had been driving non-stop for 20 hours. Maria and her friends were so wonderful to bring with them 2 other dogs to Southern Sweden where their new owners would pick them up.
Maria has the biggest heart and the best attitude among all the people I have ever met. There is never a problem that cannot be solved and she always shows bravery in her thinking and actions.
With her she brought a big bag of salt liquorish for me, and even Swedish candy for my children. She had a bundle of Swedish Magazines, too.
Maria had dog food, treats, collars and leashes with her for me to bring down the next time I would drive to Italy.
Every week I get wonderful pictures of Kera and her new life. Maria, you are a wonderful spirit so full of life and joy.
And she is such a responsible dog owner. Kera had the worst teeth, and many were lost. She has already spent so many hundreds of Euro to have her teeth fixed and made right.
Thank you so much for everything you do. 
That’s Amore.


What a roller coaster ride for Bonita, we and her owner Mia in Sweden. But we finally made it!

Finally, after over one year struggling with this lady, we got all the “green” papers for the passport. Bonita, remember her close-to-death in a shelter, and we got her out. She spent so much time at different animal clinics and her foster parents David and Linda Bunn took her into their home for a very long time. They really made sure her health and spirit would be better.

Finally all her papers were ready for a passport. A whole year it took! Mia in Gothenburg, Sweden never gave up hope and that perseverance showed us what a great person she is. This past weekend, I flew in Bonita and another dog, “Freckles”, and Mia drove down from Gothenburg (a four hour drive) to get her girl. When I walked out of the car carrying Bonita, Mia burst out in tears, sobbing and shaking, and we all hugged each other for joy.

Bonita got to meet her new man, Quinton, a sweet and gentle Pitt bull, and off they went to Bonita’s new Paradizzo in Sweden’s “second city” of Gothenburg.

And it sure is Paradizzo! Bonita has taken to her new home like a fish to water! We are so happy for you Bonita; your long struggle in a shelter, so close to death, is history. This is Amore.

Thank you Dr. Damiani for all your help and support with Bonita and others. David and Lynn, your support has been exceptional! You helped save a life!. And thanks to my family for making her last month in our home relaxing and comfortable (I sure miss her loud snoring!) and new momma Mia for never giving up on her girl. Lastly, for all the donations that helped Bonita get her health back, and finally into the loving arms of a forever home. We love and thank you all.



After the accident I kept going but in a slow speed, and actually so did my Internet. We had a strong storm and heavy rain that made a lot of things go slow, or not at all!

But AWL got food, shampoo, goodies that were expired from the US Base. We love you for that, thank you so much. And Anna for contacting me and helping. That’s Amore

I met Dharma in Rossella shelter some time ago. I loved her so much, so sweet and sensitive, but there was no possibility for us to adopt her. So months later I got to hear that the couple that adopted Dharma wanted her spayed. Of course AWL helped even if they sponsored the bill themselves. But it was wonderful to meet her family; they are wonderful, Flavia and her husband.

This is Dharma in her home. She is a happy rescue dog, and her family thinks she is the best. That’s Amore.

Our AWL rescue dog Bonita is staying with us for a couple of days. Her wonderful foster-family is out of town. She is a brilliant old lady, so quiet. The first days she was sad, she thought her foster-family had dumped her. But after some bowls of Swedish meat loaf and comforting words that they are coming back, she is now back to normal. She ignores my dogs and they are wondering who she is, but they stay at a distant. Bonita is not aggressive to other dogs, she is “only” a grumpy grandma.

That’s Amore!



Last week took Bonita to Dr Damiani for blood and urine tests. Bonita had started to leak urine a lot and we wanted to know what was wrong. Monica held her and as always Bonita was a brilliant client. Calm and friendly.
We got the result and the protein level is low. We are afraid it can be something with the liver. A new test is going to be made hopefully tomorrow. Keep your paws crossed.



Our Bonita is very sick. She is now in good hands with Dr Damiani at his clinic and tests will be done so the right treatment can be performed. Please keep your paws crossed for her, and send Amore healing her way.

On our way to the clinic. I picked her up at her foster family’s home, David and Lindy. Bonita jumped right into my car, and sat like a lady the whole way to Dr Damiani’s clinic. Inside the clinic, her tail wagged to everyone she saw. Despite darkness in her life she is the most positive I have met, so thankful, so quiet, so loving and so forgiving. AWL is there for you, Bonita.