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AWL would love to have you help us bagging at the Support Site (Italy )

The donations will go to have the spring puppies spay & neutered, like we did last year. 16 puppies!

We start at 10.00 to 19.00 However, you can decide how long you want to stay and help. Every minute is wonderful to met all the great people at the NEX.

So much fun! And, great opportunity for you who dislike watching animals in pain but want to help out in one way or another. Come and joins us!


New Bagging dates, 23rd and 24th! We so desperately need YOUR help.

Join our fun team. Sign up, and I promise you; its a blast.

This time the money will go (23rd) to vaccinations to Caserta Shelter and (24th) to emergency help for street projects, like spay and neuter, surgery, vaccination etc,

That’s Amore!



The days went by so fast, and still it was simply amazing to be down there at the hospice and among our volunteers. The weather was awful, though.  Cold and rainy, so all our summer clothes were left in the suitcases. I had to borrow Pio’s boots and Martina’s jackets. But the missions continued, who cares about the weather anyway!

We were bagging at the NEX on the NAVY Support Base and it was very fulfilling for mind and donation boxes. They are such wonderful, generous people, and loving to chat with us. I got to meet so many lovely people; it was a great, busy day.
Amy Gardner put together the schedule and organized the effort; and we got help from Chloe-Rose and Lia  Jolenee stepped in and helped show me how to pack properly and how the Americans wanted their purchased items put in the bag.
We collected the amount of $612 that day, tired but happy  — and pleased.
Olivia was standing, handing out our AWL fliers, so sweet and charming to the adults. Thank you to all the volunteers who participated,  you made a fantastic result.
Thank you the  Naples U.S. Navy Community, for helping us to make it just a little better for the strays in the Campania region.

Amy Gardner gave me two very interesting and lovely books.  After reading them, I highly recommend them.  I read them with my children, and they enjoyed them very much as well.  They are about dog and cats going to heaven. Simply beautiful and comforting; and educating for both children and adults. Thank you Amy.

The next day the sun came out, totally lovely. We bathed the puppies and a group of wonderful children came and helped by washing all our crates. 

The Mercer and Funk children had so much fun helping us. Later on we washed Cassandra and Leona that later on in the week would go with me up to Germany were the next AWL team would pick them up for the final leg of their journeys to new forever homes.

We were very sad, however, to discover that a big dog had been tied to our hospice fence. Someone had just stopped and brought him out and tied him up along the fence. A local British Lady, Lynn, had stopped and given him food and water until our volunteer Pio showed up. We couldn’t have him at the hospice and had to drive him to a lady that would look after him in her big garden. We had to pay her and we were not happy for this, a problem being handed over to us. We had enough of our own problems and didn’t want people to start leaving dogs by the fence, or worse throwing them over the fence into the hospice’s yard!
But before dropping him off at the lady’s house we drove him to Dr. Fransesco for castration and a health test. Henry was wonderful. He wants to be around people.

We are desperately seeking a home for him since he loves people and big gardens.

 Henry is such a sweet, big, goof. Do you know of a home for him?



Charity for a great cause. Come and help us bagging at the NEX tomorrow.
The donations will go to AWL Hospice but also to rescue dogs, examinations, surgeries, medications.
For more details contact 



AWL’s first bagging at the NEX (Navy Exchange store) in Naples. Thank you all for coming and helping out last Sunday. We are furever thankful to you giving us an helping hand on your day off.
Angela for taking charge and making the mission work. Gina and skater friend, Katie, and so many more.

Thank you, thank you!