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Rescued dog Rescues other Dogs



Rescue Dog Trooper from Italy, now a 12 years old Senior. 

Limping a lot the last couple of days, so a visit to our wonderful veterinarian, Stephanie.

All our animals loves her, and especially the lapdog Trooper.

X rays, blood test and urine test were being made, all because of different reasons. 
Hopefully we receive good results tomorrow. Paws crossed please!

Trooper was being found in a shelter only 9 months old. He was bought from Hungary 2007, for 900 euro. Trooper was a happy puppy, and like many young dogs he dug around in their garden.

The family was furious, and dropped him off at a small shelter.

2016 he was diagnosed with severe cancer and had probably 6 months left to live. Well, he fooled the veterinarian by that time, big time. And we are happy for that.

Trooper has been with us for 11 years, and he is the best dog in many different ways. He is our welcome dog, greeting all new rescue dog(s). Trooper shows the newcomers around, and tells them the houesehold routines in the AWL Senior Enviroment.
Amazing hard, and great Support worker!

That’s Amore!



I admire people which are creative, and at the same time as they are self going, they know teamwork with respect.

It is difficult to find that in the volunteer section without money being involved. Lets face it, most of us need money to pay our bills and have a vacation ones in a while. Or, we don’t got the passion involved in our heart-system–or, just being plane lazy.

However, I have noticed that if you give a small percent of your creativity to someone, a lot will come in return. Maybe not from the people/group you help — well of course all the love in return is not so bad, right?– but return from other persons that might noticed your work–or, Universe noticed your work.

I realized too, that those persons wanting to do something at the same time reciving something in returned, crashed totally by themselves or, by Universe law of attraction. People that had a back thought. I never had to be worried, since they fall themselves over their own ego.

Now, I love people which think (sexy). They maybe cannot adopt anymore dogs, on the other hand they think what can their skills do for AWL (animals)

Talented Sanne Stenbeck from Stockholm, Sweden, contacted me and made a presentation–see above pictures. Love it!

She and her family are also going to do a Sport “thing” and laid out a presentation about the event and what they thought they could do to get AWL name out there!

1. Presentation of an idea
2. Ask
3. YES
4. Creates until its done, done, done, done.

Did I mention that she also is a talented singer?

That’s Amore!



Dear Animal Friends,
We have many who follow our various blogs and websites.  I know you all care deeply for the animals that we help.  I sense that many of you would love to adopt or foster one or more of these animals, but cannot.

Now, there is an opportunity where you can sponsor a specific dog.  Your sponsorship will ensure that “your” dog has what he or she needs going forward, the money you provide will ONLY go to the dog(s) you sponsor.  This is a simple and effective way to help a dog who has touched your heart.

You set the amount you can provide each month (per dog).

You specify which dog(s) you want to sponsor.

Upon the initiation of your sponsorship, you will get a certificate attesting to your kindness, animal friendliness and sponsorship of the dog(s) by name(s).

You can even send care packages to your specific dog, with treats or things you believe your sponsoree needs or would like.  Of course, whatever you send will only go to the dog(s) you designate.

Each month, you will recieve a picture (digital) and an update about “your” dog(s).

Write to volunteer ULLA LINDERS and tell her which dog and the amount you would like to sponsor. She will answer you back with all the information, right away



Remember earlier on the blog I wrote about Athena and her partner.

Well for Athena it hasn’t turned out so very well for. I am frustrated since AWL got a problem that we didn’t ask for and we made clear in the begining that we only would help with medical bills. Now, I am so sad because this girl Athena doesn’t deserve to sit locked in a cage, she had it great with her freedom. She got fed, she had her partner and most important her freedom. But some people didn’t like to see her in an abandoned car–with broken glass–with K9 dogs they practise to walk on smashed car window glass and its not dangerous for their paws.

The “rescuers” saw the scars and thought it was from the car but it was actually from dog teeth, and they were old scars. As you read they were in Rita’s garage and Athena defended her bone when her partner wanted to take it. That is so very “normal.” I wasn’t there when it happened, but those involved were upset and Athena was the one to be blamed. She slept outside in a crate as you can see in the video with her partner in the garage. Many times this sort of interaction between animals sounds worse and we get scared, its like hearing two adults arguing in a different language. Because you don’t understand what is being said, it sounds worse than it is. We don’t know what the dogs are saying, but it sounds bad. But think about it, if they wanted to kill each other it would have happened already, and how could they live together outside in their freedom with no problems?

Rescuing dogs in distress or bad situations is a nobel thing. But like anything, it should be done with cold calculation, not in the moment of high emotion, or solely with your heart. When rescuing, you have to have many different plans. And, unless you are an expert, why not get advice from someone who knows a lot about strays? I have heard people say “I have had dogs my whole life!” But how many of them were strays you rescued? I have been cooking for 30 years but I am not a chef!

AWL is against putting dogs in shelters and here I am with a dog someone rescued and dumped in our lap. No foster homes, no adoptive homes, we can’t take her in. She can’t go back on the street, especially without her partner. No donations are even given to help defray the costs, only silence from the rescue people who were so happy on Facebook that they had “rescued” dogs. Where are they now? Where is the “follow-through”?

I was visiting her today and walked her, she is wonderful — so loving and gentle. It is dangerous when someone starts a rumor that destroys the possibilities for a dog’s future. Much the same for when people talk bad about another human, and start unfounded rumors. If you are going to play “rescuer”, get the facts straight! I have so many stories about people screwing things up for the animals, and I still get many emails from good people who are being dumped on with others’ problems.

What is worse, in Cumberlain County (NC, USA) 800 dogs euthanized every month, or the ones roaming free in Campania, Italy?

So thanks to some “bleeding hearts” who thought it was uncomfortable watching this pair in an abandoned car…look at this picture…this is the result of your actions!

I want to thank Rita who is still there for Athena.