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“Rats” they are Cute



For many months has my daughter wished for rats. I have to admit I wasn’t that happy with the thought. One part of me said, You have heard that they are intelligent and great pets. The other part of me said, Not in my home with ten dogs. And, Rats! They are kind of…. I couldn’t find the right word, only the feeling. Rats had been a long symbol of death and pestilence, they haunt our nightmares and scuttle in our walls, scaly tails dragging behind them. And rats cause billions of dollars in damage!!

However, my daughter had only one wish. The rats had to be adopted, not bought.

To my suprise, it wasn’t hard to find rats to adopt. Several families didn’t  have the time anymore.

Spoons and Grace are now members of the AWL household team, educating us more about rodents.

They’re VERY social so it’s best to have more than one rat!

To be honest! I love them (my children and two of the dogs) They are incradable sweet, easy, intillegent and very clean– cleaner than a cat (true fact). When I enter the room they run to the cage door (cage is huge) and waits for me to open and take them out.

Never judge rats until you have really get to know them!

That’s Amore!

PS Thank you Diana for helping with the adoption.




Animal Communication


Oregon in black

When you rescue an animal the most important thing is to know his history from himself. Not him learning from what you have learned from previous animals.

That comes later!



Thank you ROSA for a great TV job–and cleaning.

Follow Up from an AWL mission


Bella was also “distance adopted” by the AWL volunteer veterinarian Dr. Inga. Bella is staying at the same kennel as Nebia and Ariel. Her adoptive family routinely goes to take her to the beach, walking her and playing with her. She is doing wonderfully too, and they cannot wait until she can come home for good! This is Amore both ways.

It was like a Swedish summer yesterday, it was great being outside today after what has felt like a long period of rain and dreary weather.

Two of the dogs rescued from the “terrible shelter” in February (see earlier blog) have been doing great in “distance adoption” mode, at a very good local kennel. These two came to socialize with the AWL director’s “pack” for the weekend. It was simply wonderful. Twelve dogs in the house and everyone got along so great. Ariel and Nebbia are these two dogs, and they enjoyed the freedom and good weather too.

Nebbia was labeled as “aggressive” and sat alone in a small cage. When I met her the first time I knew it wasn’t true. And it isn’t. She’s been tested several different times, in different ways, she lives together with Ariel. She’s been with us at Carney Park playing with many different dogs. And, now this weekend, together with the whole pack. She is brilliant.
That’s the danger when you label someone, the label sticks and it takes some great heart to see past the label and give them a chance (same goes with humans).
Nebbia the “aggressive dog” is resting on our patio with Roberto, who also was rescued a little earlier from the same place (remember him with the ligament injury, also earlier blog). Roberto is doing great, happy, yappy and charming and his leg is completely healed.

Ariel has been in four shelters, her whole life; Nebbia in only one but they think for three to four years. Neither of them had ever been inside a house and it was so sweet to see them standing in the doorway, kind of thinking “what do we do now?”

We had to lift them in and they walked around just smelling and looking and then they laid down on their blankets and cuddled up with us. This was Amore news for them!