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After a great day in the shelter near Caserta, Martina, Olivia and I drove

home. As with every other day, we stopped by to feed The Mother of all the puppies by the church in Castle Volturno. 
We were very tired after a long day of working in the shelter, but decided we had to stop and feed them. And what a lucky decision! 

One of the puppies’ head was stuck in an empty foodcan, totally exhausted and dizzy. We got his head out and could make sure he wasn’t cut or wounded. 
We de-wormed them all; mother Bobby, puppies, and sister Chicca, and gave them plenty of food. The place was full of trash,and we tried to clean up a little. 

We found two puppies that had beenkilled, probably by other strays. But it made us concerned, we didn’t want any other puppies to be killed. We had to move them quickly! 
Also pushing us was that mother Bobby was old and tired, and needed to have a break. Another big factor, was that other area puppies had gotten out, were killed by the cars on the busy street next to them.

The next morning we picked the puppies up, seven cuties. 

We started to wonder if the puppies were from two litters.  We drove to the hospice and Lori Garcia was there and helped us to make one room into a “nursery room” for the seven bundles of joy.

Dr. Vittorio came over on an Italian holiday, and helped us with examination and vaccination of all the puppies, and even some of our other associates:Valerie’s rescue dog, and Chiarra’s boyfriend’s rescue dog. It sure was one hot, buzzy, busy day.

The next day we had a wonderful lady named Julia Johnson helping us to foster five of the puppies while two stayed for observation at the hospice: Tiny and Marlene. 

Tiny was the smallest and skinniest, he was very low and mellow, so he had to get extra puppy milk. Marlene was shy and we wanted him to grow and glow, and so they both did.

All puppies are now adopted and doing wonderfully.




Far away from Italy, we have a true Animal Rescue Friend. Craig Kleber who lives in Brentwood, LA–US Craig is helping Mr Edgar Poe to get the veterinarian and medicine treatment that he needs.
For us it is amazing and heartwarming to have such a wonderful rescue animal friend that cares about the animals wherever they are in the world. I know he is helping big time in LA, too.

Craig has followed our work for several years, and has always been there when we needed help -as we need all the time–

Edgar Poe –as you know if you from following our blog–is having heart-problems and some other “minor” health concerns as any old gentleman (dog) would get. But thanks to Craig’s recent generous donation of 2000 dollar, we now have a “Fred Astaire” tap-dancing, happy dog at the hospice.

 Thank you Dr Damiani for helping AWL’s Mascot Edgar Poe.

Volunteer Angy for being Edgar’s VIP driver.

Thank you all, so much!



I saw her picture on FB. She was gorgeous. Big and gray-black with a wonderful smile, or was it her aura I saw?
Her name was Colomba and she was a senior dog that had been in a not-so-very-nice shelter in Southern Italy since 2005. In a cage with some other dogs and all together maybe 180 dogs.  All on concrete floors, and in a kind of darkness. The volunteers worked hard to do something; you could see in their eyes how tired they were. 
In the picture she sat in the sun, and around her neck a big thick chain. On our way down to Napoli we made a big turn to the eastern coast of Italy, into the shelter to pick Colomba up. My joy was enormous. Olivia who normally loved shelters and who always was my best volunteer didn’t like the place at all. She became very sad.
Colomba was mentally tired and we lifted her into our SUV. She smelled like a big horse barn with pigs and everything else included. My children sat and held their noses for the 3 hour trip to our Hospice in Lago Patria. There were a lot of giggles.
She was full of matted hair, and a big lump infection hanging from her neck. We had a veterinarian for a very short time at our clinic that did a fantastic job trimming her matted hair and generally helping Colomba.
Colomba loved her room at the hospice, with bed and mattresses. She was such a good girl, no accidents.  When the volunteers opened the door she would run out into the garden do her business, then straight back up to her room again.
In December, Colomba went in as an emergency to Dr. Damiani’s clinic for a long surgery. She made it through the surgery, our brave lady.  At the same time she also had dental work done. She came back to the hospice and recovered wonderfully, our Princess.
She was so loved by many, and they cared so much about her. The volunteers were amazed over how well she did.
Then one day recently, her internal organs started to say, “stop”. Cancer was growing fast within her, and we could see she was not doing very well. We worried, “another hard surgery and she would get maybe a couple of months?”  Was it worth putting her through the pain and suffering to only forestall the inevitable for so short a time?  Or would we could give her the peace that she so deserved.
My heart cried since I wanted her to have so much more experience with freedom, to love her bed, her room, her volunteers to have more of her around them.  But I realized then freedom was what she would truly get if I let her go — her ultimate freedom.
My wonderful Colomba, it is a little while since you left us but my heart wouldn’t let me write. It was filled with such tremendous pain. You had a little taste of one kind of freedom, now you can lay truly free in the grass across the Rainbow Bridge, and wonder at the butterflies that are dancing on the warm breeze around you. Colomba, I am sorry life wasn’t better for you, but I hope you felt all of us loving and adoring you at the Hospice Casa dell Amore.
Forever loved. That’s Amore



 Mr Edgar Poe, mini Diablo with the golden heart is searching after his own family. Mr Edgar is a super fun character. 
He was found very sick, left to die when found by one of our great volunteers.

Is your door open for Poe?

 I am like a grumpy old man, I can make my volunteers crazy and the clients even more crazy. But that is who I am….Gods charm to everyone–well if you are a good animal psychologist.

 I love children, they are pure. But if I don’t like an adult, I show it and I mean….I show it.

Ok, who the hell put this on me? I am not a drag dog!

But I am looking for a home so if you are into Pink, I am fine with that! That’s Amore.



Good morning from our two seniors, Mr Edgar Poe and Mrs. Fochetta. They love to snuggle up by the radiator to catch extra heat.

That’s Amore!