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I saw her picture on FB. She was gorgeous. Big and gray-black with a wonderful smile, or was it her aura I saw?
Her name was Colomba and she was a senior dog that had been in a not-so-very-nice shelter in Southern Italy since 2005. In a cage with some other dogs and all together maybe 180 dogs.  All on concrete floors, and in a kind of darkness. The volunteers worked hard to do something; you could see in their eyes how tired they were. 
In the picture she sat in the sun, and around her neck a big thick chain. On our way down to Napoli we made a big turn to the eastern coast of Italy, into the shelter to pick Colomba up. My joy was enormous. Olivia who normally loved shelters and who always was my best volunteer didn’t like the place at all. She became very sad.
Colomba was mentally tired and we lifted her into our SUV. She smelled like a big horse barn with pigs and everything else included. My children sat and held their noses for the 3 hour trip to our Hospice in Lago Patria. There were a lot of giggles.
She was full of matted hair, and a big lump infection hanging from her neck. We had a veterinarian for a very short time at our clinic that did a fantastic job trimming her matted hair and generally helping Colomba.
Colomba loved her room at the hospice, with bed and mattresses. She was such a good girl, no accidents.  When the volunteers opened the door she would run out into the garden do her business, then straight back up to her room again.
In December, Colomba went in as an emergency to Dr. Damiani’s clinic for a long surgery. She made it through the surgery, our brave lady.  At the same time she also had dental work done. She came back to the hospice and recovered wonderfully, our Princess.
She was so loved by many, and they cared so much about her. The volunteers were amazed over how well she did.
Then one day recently, her internal organs started to say, “stop”. Cancer was growing fast within her, and we could see she was not doing very well. We worried, “another hard surgery and she would get maybe a couple of months?”  Was it worth putting her through the pain and suffering to only forestall the inevitable for so short a time?  Or would we could give her the peace that she so deserved.
My heart cried since I wanted her to have so much more experience with freedom, to love her bed, her room, her volunteers to have more of her around them.  But I realized then freedom was what she would truly get if I let her go — her ultimate freedom.
My wonderful Colomba, it is a little while since you left us but my heart wouldn’t let me write. It was filled with such tremendous pain. You had a little taste of one kind of freedom, now you can lay truly free in the grass across the Rainbow Bridge, and wonder at the butterflies that are dancing on the warm breeze around you. Colomba, I am sorry life wasn’t better for you, but I hope you felt all of us loving and adoring you at the Hospice Casa dell Amore.
Forever loved. That’s Amore



 Mr Edgar Poe, mini Diablo with the golden heart is searching after his own family. Mr Edgar is a super fun character. 
He was found very sick, left to die when found by one of our great volunteers.

Is your door open for Poe?

 I am like a grumpy old man, I can make my volunteers crazy and the clients even more crazy. But that is who I am….Gods charm to everyone–well if you are a good animal psychologist.

 I love children, they are pure. But if I don’t like an adult, I show it and I mean….I show it.

Ok, who the hell put this on me? I am not a drag dog!

But I am looking for a home so if you are into Pink, I am fine with that! That’s Amore.



Good morning from our two seniors, Mr Edgar Poe and Mrs. Fochetta. They love to snuggle up by the radiator to catch extra heat.

That’s Amore!


A couple of months ago I received an e-mail from an American family who asked us for help. Their dog, GUS whom they had had for nearly 12 years had changed his temperament after a fire in their former home. (To refresh your memory please read earlier posting.)  
According to them, he had snapped at their young child and even the dad. 
I knew something was wrong in that statement, I felt it in my gut, and I couldn’t acccept that he was in a kennel and the family was leaving Italy without him. I knew this was only a form of stress after the fire.
From Germany, I tried to find someone who could foster GUS until Minna and I would come down. It was about four weeks I needed help and I needed help to evaluate GUS since I knew he was not a dangerous dog. Help was important since we could work faster to find a solution for GUS. 
But everywhere we turned for help, either people had their own house full of dogs and cats, or they were afraid that he would be “harmed” to be in a home and then move again (never heard about something that ridicules, some would rather have Gus depressed loosing weight than giving him 24/7 watch and health!) Some were afraid what veterinarian bills would be high, he was old after all. 
No one expressed any desire to go to him every day just for a little while, to play soccer or give him some treats. When Minna and I finally arrived down to Italy we rushed to the kennel, and we were not happy what we saw. 
Gus was depressed, and didn’t want to open up to us emotionally. Why should he?
 We were strangers! Every one in the kennel said they gave him food but he lost weight, about 10 kg in one month. They claimed they had taken him to the veterinarian, they had de-wormed him but nothing helped. I wondered if anyone had considered that he was depressed and not wanting to eat since his family after 12 years had taken a huge step away from him. 
The family had said they would give his bed, bowls and other things, but the Kennel owner said there was nothing, only a grey plastic bag with his journals inside. And the journal was big, they had kept him very up to date on all shots and examinations. It didn’t make any sense!
Gus was dirty and greasy, he looked like a baddly treated stray I had the kennel wash him for a couple of boxes cigarettes.
 I promised GUS to come again the next day, and I also told him that we would get him out of that place. Minna and I agreed we would take him to Germany or Sweden. 
We would flip the coin, Germany or Sweden!

 Mia, the little cute wild puppy that was fostered by Martina had been into a small play accident. Mia is a tough 4-month old cookie and loves to wrestle with the big dogs. This day she got her ear bitten. A few stitches and then it was that horrible cone on her head that she didn’t like, of course (who would?)
 I took it off right away since we would be with her 24/7 and could keep an eye on her. We released  Martina and Pio from this little cute monster, they sure needed a break.

Mia was excellent at the hotel AGORA (who are supporters to AWL.) Mia had to follow us everywhere we went, a very good practice. And Minna was a great puppy-sitter Thank you dear!

It was great to come back to the hospice, Casa dell’Amore, to meet all the old clients and the new ones. Ombra, the English Setter was afraid for the steps and the great volunteers carried him down and up every time he needed to go out. I had the evening shift  and could not for my life carry this guy. I knew he had not been neutered and we had one female in heat at the Hospice. I let her out first, and then Ombra. He flew down the stairs like a bird, then up and down, up and down like a Don Juan.

It was good to be back to Casa dell’Amore!


 My lovely Ariel is finally here with us in Germany. How I missed her, even if I knew she had a good time down in Italy. 
I adopted Ariel several years ago from a horrible shelter were it was so dirty and nasty,  that you had to hold your nose when you were near it. You had to close your eyes not to see all the pain, too. You had to cover your ears not to hear all 40+ dogs barking. 

Ariel had been in four different shelters and her front leg had been broken in four places and self healed wrong. She can walk, but very poorly.

 Ariel had to stay at our hospice in Italy for a little while during to our move up North, but last week I could drive down and bring her up. She is a 12 year old wonderful lady with some back problems due to her previously broken leg. As she hobbles, she puts stress on her other joints in ways they were never meant to be… and consequently, she now has problems in her front shoulders and back hips.  But with x-rays and medicine, we are keeping a very close eye on that.

 Dr Damiani made an examination, x-ray and we also had her pet passport made. (You can see how her right front leg is set at a radically wrong angle.)

Thank you all who looked after my Ariel. Martina and Pio for picking her up, and all the lovely volunteers for loving up on her. Valerie drove her to the groomer and have also been her nail trimmer. You all make a difference and with love for those whom loves you back. That’s Amore.



We got some new comers that are so wonderful in our Hospice Casa dell’Amore. Mister Vasili is one of them. German Shepard, probably 9 years old. He had an owner that tied him several years ago outside a Governmental shelter. Since then he has been inside a cage very sick and in pain.
He is a lovely male that follows and loves to play with balls. He will, when healthy become a great companion. He is on antibiotic since his whole body was full of wounds. Now he is being treated for Leischamania zyloric and Milteforan. Already we see a great improvement.
Sweet pie Ms Funny, also from the same shelter. Found behind a tombstone, and they say she was grieving her dead master. She is happy and today outside in the sun she was running around wagging her tail.
Ms Funny outside in the sun. No one of our dogs at the Hospice are in cages.
Our long term clients, Stella and Sassi. We would love to find a home for Sassi.
Ms Funny got her AWL tag with phone number in case she gets lost. Sponsored by the Kleber family in LA USA.
Ms Funny looks like an African bush dog.
Ariel, our wonderful old girl. You can see her right front-leg is bent like a Charley Chaplin leg. It was broken in four places and selfhealed. She has been in four different shelters. She is a cuddle bug.



This is Mr Poe. Found sick in a dark street (see earlier blog) Now in the AWL Hospice. He is a funny guy. Every time you look at him he growls. He is our grumpy man.
It’s cold in our hospice so our clients are wearing fashion warm clothing’s Layla is soon going to her furever home in Sweden.
Dusty freezing. She is also soon going to her furever home in Sweden
Puppies abandon by mom, now rescued and fostered in a warm bathroom. Up for adoption!